Why are you rich?... What made you go for it?... Romance

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    I'm curious of what is the reasoning behind your success.

    the WHY is what i want to know.

    What drove you to get where you are right now?

    And how important is it in your life to be wealthy? Is it a number 1 priority? Does it make you happy?
    In retrospect, could you share some words of wisdom about that and how it relates to personal happiness, fulfillment, etc...

    Would love to hear some feedback!

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    All wealthy people I know had three things:


    A dash of talent.

    At least a modicum of luck

    and a HUGE amount of work.


    The only exception I know are some people that have zero talent, but a lot of luck.  The prime examples being Lottery winners.


    Most lottery winners lose it all within 3 years.  Those that keep it, usually have a bit of skill (talent) at either money management or finding people to manage their money and then spend a LOT of time working hard to keep their money.


    Tech entrepreneurs?   Similar story for all, though most tech entrepreneus had a tiny amount more skill.  Bill Gates had a huge amount of luck when IBM lost their anti-trust lawsuit and decided to keep their hardware business and sell the software side to a single business.   



    For me, it was a dash of talent at money management, lucky with the right parents to give me a good start, and a lot of hard work to turn $40k from my parents into $1 million via real estate.




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    Being wealthy is not remotely important to me. I am not successful as being a success is not important as far as I am concerned. I dont care about being successful or having money. The ONLY thing that is important is finding love. Nothing else matters. And I would hate to be with someone who was wealthy too. Money changes people and not always for the better. I'd rather be with someone with very little to no money at all.

     But that's me. I realise everyone is different and money and success is important to them and makes them feel better or whatever ..I dont know.