Love to last a life time Romance

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    Everyone here is looking to find that "The One". So do you know yourself well enough to have your true requirements for, that One?
    Can you represent yourself well enough that the other receives a true preception of you?Do they know themselves well enough to do the same?
    That being said.My list is :
    social compatibility
    mental compatibility
    physical chemistry
    intellectual chemistry
    sexual chemisrty
    I'm a opinionated S.O.B.
    But I don't think I'm a know it all
    I only know this to be true to me
    at this time.
    I believe that truth is dynamic.
    It is like a sm. puff of smoke in a glass sphere. What we preceive , changes with the passing of time, or our change of our point of view.
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    Much more ! 

    “ ... As long as you call me ,

    I was in the grave will be poured out of a force stood up and followed you go ! “ 


                                                           Letter From An Unknown Woman    


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    of course it can.
    I'm sure we are talking about romantic love here and not love of family and a pet.
    I think that if you have three things it can survive,thrive and last.

    (I'm not talking about sex)
    I'm talking about the ability to be yourself completely with the other person and know you will be accepted.
    Best friends, if you will.

    (now I'm talking about sex)
    You have to be passionate about the person that you are with.
    It may change during the relationship but if it is there in the beginning then the last ingredient should get you through the rough patches.
    3) Committment
    this is where alot of people fail I think.
    When we don't like our car anymore...we trade it in for a new one.
    If we want love to last we have to decide that we are in it for the long haul and the person we are with has to share this desire.

    I didn't make this up myself..I read it in a book but there is not one part of this that doesn't make sense to me.


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    Everyone should be so lucky! Love that lasts a lifetime is hard to find. Everyone's definition of love is different.
    Actually I think it is easier to meet anyone as friends before even thinking of romance. Simply for the fact that if you are friends before attempting the "love" factor, you can grow together spiritually, emotionally, and physically. It takes the meshing of all of these for a successful loving relationship. We all yearn for it. It's just a matter of finding it. I BELIEVE, and will never give up til I find it!
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    Love that lasts a life time takes work from both parties in the relationship. I have a few friends married 25+ yrs, and you'd think they were newly weds.
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    good luck, the only love that can last a life time is ur own, the rest comes and goes darling..
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    Katie: Love CAN last a lifetime but sometimes it takes learning from the past, knowing what exactly you are looking for, not settling, and being able to love yourself before you can honestly love someone else.
    katiegrlK2B write:
    I'm not really convinced love CAN last a lifetime.

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  • View author's info Posted on Aug 02, 2006 at 08:10 PM

    Love yourself before Love others!! Know what capability and how ready you are to commit yourself to other like in a relationship mentally yah so true, physically, financially, spiritually, motionally, sexually :)


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    We should all be so lucky
    HDK ... Good questions...One's I've contemplated. Myself...yes, I do know myself that well. But it didn't come to me in a day. It took some self-analysis in my mid-thirties when I was questioning myself why I was unhappy in my marriage, and what would it take to make me happy? I wish I had known who I was in my 20's, I would have made different career decisions.
    In written form, I don't think anyone can truly convey a true representation of themselves. In person, within an hr or two first meeting, with all the many facets comprising one's character it's probably difficult to convey all, but a good enough representation can be given.
    Thre is a test given for marriage compatibility...these are all the areas covered. Important ones. The same ones I consider as well.

    social compatibility
    mental compatibility
    physical chemistry
    intellectual chemistry
    sexual chemisrty

    Life's experiences negative/positive can influence changes in our present day perspectives. And will continue to do so. Hopefully positivel

    Pretty deep thinker.

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    Problem is the definition of love. It has too many. You love your mother/father, you love your dog, you love chocolate ice cream, you love you girlfriend......
    Can you sustain that just got started, love to linger in bed, sex all night, can't wait to get home to rip your clothes feeling for a life time? Of course not. Hopefully it evolves into the respectful desire to explore life with a good friend/lover at your side, (that just happens to rock your world occasionally). I think that true love is the realization that you except that person for all that they are and still want to journey through life with them AND that they except EVRYTHING that you are. With that kind of trust, friendship and understanding, yea, "love" can last a lifetime.
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    Well said HDK, I am with you on that 1. Illusions is the other end of it.
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    I'm not really convinced love CAN last a lifetime.