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    Is it just me or do people not feel the need for good manners anymore? Example: You find a good connection with an online date, you meet and are both genuinely excited and interested. After the date you hear nothing back. No email saying hey- thanks for the drink last night or was really nice meeting you- something...anything! Would you go to a professional job interview and not follow up with a thank you? If said employer was seriously considering your services would you not let them know after meeting that you were not interested? I believe that relationships would be more respectful if we treated dates as if they were job interviews. And that goes both ways. Anyone care to comment???
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    Thanks for the compliment and comments. I guess I am too honest. Personal I could never imagine smiling , laughing and haveing a pretty upbeat time with someone that I was not interested in enough to call back. I think that's the main issue. Too many people are fake and push someone else or themselves through a string of hoops just to disappear. I think the comment about the "top of the gene pool" hit the nail right on the head. Thanks! I needed to hear that.
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    Cool picture CF.
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    CCF.Well if the other party hesitate to be courteus, just because not interested or illbred, you can do your part; that
    ll show your good manners.
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    CF,,,I think you are correct,,it is a common courtesy to say thank you in one way or another, If you don't get that, the person most likely is not at the top of the gene pool...
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    I don't see your feelings on the subject are from your perspective that it was exciting and fun. And maybe it was. But obviously the other party is not interested. A lot of people, I would say most, are afraid of a "situation" developing with someone they just met. I think it's equally cold to say, that was fun but... as soon as you say BUT, it negates everything you said in front of the BUT. I sometimes do both...say that was nice, it it came off as an evening with someone that was fun and worth the experience I had. I would not reply to someone who tricked me and wasn't what I was expecting, but I've been lucky so far with internet dating...everyone I've gone out with, I was glad I did, and even though I haven't met my soulmate, I still see one of the girls and am friends with the others. And who knows, maybe they have a friend for me...