Dominant/submissive relashionship Romance

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    Hello Gentlemen, 
    I have been craving for a dominant man for a long time now. A handsome, tall and refined man. Successful and educated, but modest and with nothing to prove. Who has a taste for art and aesthetics, who knows how to wear a well cut suit and care about details. Who is rational and knows how to make decisions. 
    I like to think that some people were not meant to be independent, even if it seems so wrong in the modern Occident. I might be desperate to find a dominant, but I am picky, and won't submit to someone who can't genuinely take care of me and dominate me not only physically and sexually, but also intellectually. 
    Please write to me if you wish to talk. You won't find any pictures of myself on my profile - but I might send you one in private if you wish to and if I trust you. 
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    I think each person has a unique desire to find their own unique match.  Which is precisely why there are so many options to fill out on what it is we are seeking.  And, on that note, it's sort of rare to know exactly what it is that we want and many times that contradicts what we truly need.


    I've seen many, many women try to seek out the leadership of a dominating male and it's a false positive where the woman really tries to control but wants to be submissive to her mate.  I also know that a dominant man tends to get bored easily.  I can't imagine trying to constantly and consistently always trying to "win" someone's affections that is supposed to love me for who I am.


    Each to their own. 


    I read the other day that the qualities that attract you in your mate are the exact things that will drive you bananas in the relationship.  I thought that was hilarious and very insightful. 


    Good luck :)

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    You are 5'3".   As 99% of  submissive women, you prefer a taller man.  (Profile says 6')   This website is focused on the wealthy.


    So what we have here is a woman that is searching for the single most desireable type of man - and doing so without a picture - which most men use to decide if the women is desireable.  Your age range is large enough that it MIGHT work even here, but it is unlikely.


    I have three bits of potential advice for you.  Try one of them.


    1)   Switch to a BDSM web stie - such as collarspace, fetlife, or one of the alt's.  There, as a submissive women actively looking for a man, you will be in suficient demand to get what you want - WITHOUT putting up a picture.    But you will have to weed through a bunch of stupid emails from men that are clueless.


    2)  Put up a picture on this web site - if it is attractive enough then you will get replies. 


    3)  Lower your height requirements, and actively email men such as myself that are dominant.   The trick here is to word the email in a way that ensures you sound like what you are - submissive.


    I would have emailed you except:  1) You are too young for me. and 2) I am too  short for you.

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    tisk tisk on the judgemental comments. these relationships work well!

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    I'd be happy to just find a strong, brave, worldly gentleman who's not afraid of my self confidence! LOL!

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    As much as i would love to find out where to find a similar Man, I don't think they exsist.

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    A very normal one.
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    I am with you on this one, Orlando........I just don't get it.  Makes me wonder what kind of childhood a person had. 
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    I honestly don't get those type of relationships.  No judgment.... to each his own.  They just don't work for me.