Do you believe in love @ first sight? Romance

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    I have heard people say that they knew from the first sight that their lover was the one for them. Is it truly love, or is it infatuation? What do you think? Feel free to share your experiences.
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    Love at first sight....
    It depends on your internal dictionary.......of what is and isn't classified as love.
    Personally I believe it could happen for some couples.
    But It never has to me, I thought it had once... but I was mistaken.
    I think love at first sight has to be the one that will last forever. Otherwise it is just supercharged attraction-- emotions driven by the way we feel when we are with that person. Something that feels so pleasant we feed on it.
    The romantic woman in me wants to believe so that perhaps someday it will be my turn to have love at first sight, and that it will be the one that lasts out our lifetime.
    Perhaps what we should ask is It really love at all if it doesn't last? Just a thought .
    Just step over the puddle of blood from my broken heart when you pass,
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    S4U - I loved your "horse pucky" post!!!! That was hilarious!
    I think it's easier to analyse love at first sight if you spend time in the dating sites. You scroll through the profiles, only looking at the ones with photos, and every once in a while you go, "Holy horse puckys! There's a hot one!" But you probably don't fall in love with that person. So can you fall for a live person you spot across a crowded room? Well you can mop the drool off your shirt as you gawk longingly at them, but THAT's not love either.

    So you probably have to talk to them to discover whether it's love. But what if they think you're a knob? Can it be love at first sight if you're the only one loving?

    These are questions as old as time. I bet Adam and Eve even had trouble defining love at first sight. (That was in a time before there was such thing as horse pucky).
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    OMG i have too much time on my hands these days
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    I believe in Love At First sight, it happened to me 2 times LOL, BUT, I think its only love when you BOTH feel it, its like when you two look at each other, and you both know instantly, its not onesided, then that would be lust, I guess, because for me anyway, isnt that the best feeling when you first meet someone who you are very attracted to and they feel the same thing? You both know right then and there, and from that moment you are both lost into each other, and its like you are the only people in the world, wasnt that romantic??
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    Fun4two- some people would say I love him because he looks good!! YUK!
    Handsome,charisma,kindness,gentleness,sincerity,humor,silly,angelic(when he sleeps)thoughful,sexy,maucho,considerate,powerful(in a quiet way)strong,weak(not afraid to show emotions)truthful,exciting,sensual=LOVE if i had to come up with a definition...
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    I cetainly do believe in love at first site.. I heard a story on t.v where this couple met in church.. and the guy said that he knew she was the one and havn't even talked to her, but he invited her out on a date and he proposed to her that night and they have been married for 20 years :D... So yeah I do believe in love at first site :D
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    I don't know if there would be a consensus or even a general definition of love because Love exists on so many different levels. I would ask the question "What does being in love consist of?". Oh wait, isn't being in love the combination of ALL the qualities two people have for eachother on the other thread?...hmmmm (to steal a line from that Indy guy.)
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    Bob you are really full of Horse pucky(think they'll print that one !hehe) You're just a horny ole man going after skirt...LMAo(smile Bob) If i had to define and say a person could have love at first sight this is what it would be. ( I am analyzing here. My thought processes are working. Thinking!. ok here goes.
    When we see someone and say oh geez i am in love. we have the butterflies and maybe other things start to tingle. If you can start to date that person and all is well,you are compatable, everything meshes his attributes are perfect,you grow deeper "in love" and one day you say with certainty . I love this man or woman. That would be a good example of Love at first sight coming to fruition. So then in telling the story you would say i feel in love with this man on first sight and we ended up married 3 kids and a house. On the other side of that coin. Same man,same woman. Same scenario to start and as you become involved you find he has tacky habbits, farts in public, belches at restaurants. doesn't treat you like you should be treated. Well again it was love at first sight slowly growing to disgust at last site. So yes you can fall in love at first site and if it grows to mutual respect caring and devotion it has "occurred. (Tim and faith Hill is exactly how that happened) the first time she performed with him she said she was going to marry that man. And we see the end result.
    Any other "Love at first sight which does not mature is Lust at first site.

    Did that definition sound like a true difinition?
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    There is such a big difference between love at first sight and lust at first sight. When I met my "husband" for the first time, we sat and talked for hours. No physical contact whatsoever, and within moments after first meeting him, I knew we would be married. That's love at first sight. At that time, never did lustful thoughts enter my mind. Course, can't say the same about him.... We simply enjoyed each others company. It was a wonderful feeling!!
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    Actually, Bob, when I gave birth to my daughter, I wanted to give her back.! I was shocked at my inability to feel an instinctual, maternal, natural love for this tiny, totally dependent thing that, every time she cried I heard, "Stupid first-time mother! Don't you know what I want THIS time???"

    In fact I thought there was something wrong with me until, one day, about two months later, I started getting the knack of being a mom and looked on the constantly crying creature as someone who needed me and if not me, then who? THEN I fell in love with her.

    She respected me back then!
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    Of course you love that baby when it's born Bob! Especially the woman. It's taken 9 months of nuturing and caring for that child even if you couldn't see it. That's not the topic at hand here.
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    from the moment a baby is born, you are in love with that baby. That is love at first site. Same applies to a man and a woman. How many people do you know who are in love that can't remember their first encounter with their loved one? Love at first site is THE rule.
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    It certainly happened to me when I was 16 and first saw the girl I finally married when I was 24, but since we parted it has only "partially" happened about 10,000 times.

    Seriously, I think it is possible but usually I have found it is more physical attraction and/or pure lust than the deeper realization of true love.
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    I believe in love at first sight. I just wish that when she saw me that she feel the same way, but they never do. It's always just been a one-way street. I'm in love and they are not!
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    Very well said, anyssa!
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    Oh Katie, you make me laugh!! What a great story.

    Do I believe in love at first sight? I don't know, it may be lust, but what the heck? I do know that I wish someone would see me for the first time and when they say "Oh, my God!!!", it would be for a good reason!!
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    I agree, that fuzzy warm feeling doesn't mean it's love, because like all of you say, love is a growing process, but it's a sure fun feeling to have though!!!
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    I think it could happen in the right situation....BUT BOY is it hard to find!

    My ex husband was love at first site....or was that lust??? heheh

    I dunno but, it was like a BOLT of Lightening hit me when I laid eyes on that gorgeous man!

    He used to look "JUST like George Michael "...wayyy back in the day! Body and all. MMM MMM

    I knew we'd end up married right away in my mind... I had even told my brother the next week,"I'm going to have that man's baby and I know we'll get married soon!< Not in that order

    Our courship we took it slow and grew into love because the physical attraction & chemistry for us both was like FIREWORKS!

    So yes I guess I still believe...
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    I had been working 25 hours straight but I agreed to go with my daughter to the premiere of Lord of the Rings - Fellowship at the Coliseum. I sat there with my giant Diet Coke and Popcorn, fighting unconsciousness, drifting in and out of sleep, catching the thread of the movie as it followed the book....... we're in Rivendell, it's breathtaking, like a dream. Boromir rides in all virile and masculine and fierce and gorgeous .... my eyes flutter closed again and I think, "Wow knight." The music is lilting, it's part of my trance..... I open my eyes, then they close. I open them wider. I don't realize I'm talking out loud when I cry out in the silence, "OH MY GOD!"
    The audience laughs. There, before me ... larger than life, is the painfully beautiful blonde god, the face of an angel, an aura of princely gentleness mixed with elvish bravery and strength. He is Legolas............. and I know it's love at first site.

    But it never woulld have worked. I'm a Leprechaun.