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    I want to thank everyone who has taken the time and probably CONTINUE to take the time to send complaints to MM concerning the fake profiles. Everyone is sick and tired of writing and reading around the cruel behavior that this person demonstrates. Thank you!
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    OQ i will agree with you on many of your points but i will also agree with what Kim has said as she put herself into answering back, i also am amongst that group. Sometimes it is hard to curtail your mouth when gross things are being said. If you followed that post at some point i asked Kim to decide on how to stop that as i felt like this man was truly and seriously mentally challenged. He did not esculate from the many vocal people but came back to the simple topic. Ah but at some point his cajuness disappeared and we then saw a more english educated man whom at that point i personally decided he was a fake and toying with us so i posted no more after that. But i am still guilty of those transgressions OQ. I know better but as Kim stated. It was like a freight train coming at us.
    I have enjoyed all of you and discussion without the chit chat.OQ "oh Wise One" You remind me of another and his intellectual speeches. I have discovered it is not always good to play peacemaker. That is when you see whom you friends truly are. But i once wrote a definition of "A FRIEND" And if we are lucky to find a few truly good friends here then we are blessed. A friend is someone who's trust has been put in your hands. "A FRIEND" is someone whom in anger does not got to 10 different people to tell them how mad you are at them. "A FRIEND" does not pass on personal information. "A FRIEND" is a person who will stay loyal no matter what the situation. "A FRIEND" is someone you can laugh and cry with and she can tell you how silly you are being. These are the main focus of a true friend.

    All the rest are acquaintances.
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    Cajun, How many id's do you have? So far, I have seen Cajun2000, Cajun2001, BobbyBoucher.
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    Orion don't worry about your tone. We probably needed chastising. I've made a couple of brief posts myself suggesting to just ignore people who post with the intent to raise people's ire. The poster is looking for a reaction, and there are lots willing to comply and make the poster happy. I see your point about cajun & the english language having been cajun country many years ago. I had to perk up my ears to make sure I understood what was being said! lol I'm also guilty recently of resorting to being snide yesterday when I commented about "the women not being that h...(biting tongue...)" And I've seen SIX attempt to be polite to this guy, to no avail. So myself, for the most part, I just avoid interaction with him or the like. But after awhile, it gets monotonous reading same 'ol, same 'ol bickering. One rude and insulting profile just leaves and it seems another takes it's place. It's rather timely. Think about it. Just before cajun was Atchoo. I forget who was before that. I'm not including the fake profiles of Petite & Last that seems to be something unrelated.
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    SIX and Orion, thank you very much for your posts... I truly appreciate what you said and really hope that the other members will read these posts and act accordingly.

    Thank you, my friends.
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    After rereading my last post, I sensed a tone of irritability that was more pronounced than when I was typing it for the first time!
    Thank you for the tone of temperance SIX.
    Ironically, my chastizing is probably a distant cousin to belittlement.
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    An eloquent post Moon.

    On a further note, I've read most of the threads in these forums en todo, and I don't know what it is Cajun might have said or did to rankle people, but I do know that anyone who stooped to bashing him should consider stopping.

    Has anyone noticed that Cajun does not "escalate" the nastiness thrown his way?
    Y'all remind me of a group of people watching a gravid shark hanging on a pier get gutted.
    Yeah, if you're in HIS territory and acting inappropriate, he just might bite you, but hanging there on the pier, tell me, other than an imaginary or perceived "threat", what did the shark ever do to you?
    Yet everyone stands around as the frenzy builds...and then suddenly, another part of that thing we call "life" is gone, and we never really knew it, now did we?
    And for some of you "Ladys" in these forums, how you deal with a minor issue such as an unsolicited comment or inappropriate advance, speaks volumes to the issue of your "character", or as may be more appropriate, the lack of it!
    Also, anyone ever speak to a real Cajun? Their syntax when speaking is nothing like the King's English! Their colloquialisms are truly unique!!

    I personally think a lot of what has transpired has been based on that simple fact.

    Sadly, I suspect if Cajun looked more like Mas, the women would be clamboring all over him, and as a further result the men would be standing in the wings envious AND silent, no matter what was said.
    Think about it people, eh?
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    What I posted on another thread and appropriate to this one too:

    "I agree with Tomi 100%, and with S4U, sometimes I just want to throw in the towel too. And I am very near to doing that... but then I go read threads that DO serve their purpose where people DO stick to the topic and DO have great input!

    One thing is for sure, I CANNOT stand bashing of any kind anymore (never did anyways), after all, we are ALL human beings and bashing
    hurts WHOMEVER the person may be, it is simply NOT RIGHT!

    And it makes me very sad to see this."

    realdealru2, I am very very sorry to see you leave, as I was very sorry to see Tomi leave and other great members. But I totally understand.

    Keep well, I love you guys!!
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    To the great friends i have met & made on m/m i wanna let u know, i have had enuff of this site & am removing my profile from this site with-in next couple of days..i wanted to get my good-byes seems this site has gotten so far away from what was to be a date,romance & finding love site to being anything but that.the fighting, insults & fake profilers is just something i dont want any part of. i seen myself changing & didnt like what i was see' is so easy to get su*ck*ed into all of this & at the time it was fun, but then there comes a time when u have to look back at what u have said or what u have done...i did, i didnt like what i seen at all! if i have hurt anyones feelings i am truely sorry & ask for forgiveness. i wanna wish u all luck love & happiness, god bless each & everyone..Jolene
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    So, let's give away Cajun.
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    Hey, you nice people. Try this, with a dash of your own honour, judgment and personality.

    The more you love,
    The more you'll find
    That life is good
    And friends are kind.
    And only what we give away
    Enriches us from day to day.

    Helen Steiner Rice.
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    I agree with both you, Mel. I try to live my life just like that. If you do good on to others, they will in turn bring good to you.
    I have always helped others when I can, every day. Even little things matter. Letting some ahead in the grocery line who has less items then you. Letting a car out in front of you in a lane that has been waiting to enter that lane. Giving a person who is down a smile and ask them how the are. There are hundreds of little things you can do to help some, bring some joy in to their life, or even just being a shoulder to lean on.
    I enjoy doing doing these things for others. And sometimes the favor is returned.

    "Treat others as you wish to be treated" :)
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    I love the concept. People I don't even know have helped me. I try to help others. It just makes the world a better place.
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    I have seen the movie and loved it.....

    I also have tried this and it works like magic!
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    No thanks necessary.

    Have you ever seen the movie "Pay It Forward?"

    Just go out of your way and do something nice for somebody in need some day. The emotional reward you get is fantastic.


    P.S. On the other hand, a BBQ with all of the trimmings would be nice. Party at LastOne's place. Woo Hoo!
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    HAHAHA!!!! wellab... geeezzz... you look a bit green... are you not feeling well???? ;)
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    OK---now how do we get rid of the mental retard from Cajun land?
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    No problem, LAST. We all just want to get back to normal and have good decent fun here.

    I have emails from MM also telling me the same thing.

    Let's hope that he/she is gone for good.

    Have a great day everyone!
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    you are definitely "one hot mama"! Thank you!