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    The evidence against seems rather strong. I mean, think about the ingredients. It is as if you could feed a pets the worst junk food and vaccinate against the ill effects, which is, of course, nonsense. Vaccines are one of the causes of the epidemic. Vaccines composed of live viruses, formaldehyde, MSG, aluminum, mercury, and many other toxins are not, and never could be, the remedy. Why would anyone do that?

    A diet natural to your pet's heritage, combined with natural remedies and supplements are what is needed, but not recommended by vets for obvious reasons.

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    Own a Rottweiler pup that get and die faster from Parvo than any other breed and see if you change your mind about not vaccinating! Parvo is the heartiest virus known, living for years, and it is everywhere---ground, floors, Vet's property, auto floor mats, parking lots, etc. The ONLY protection is vaccinating! Ingredients, besides Modified Live Distemper, Hep. ParaInfluenza and Parvo, have no long term effects besides immunization.I have had good longevity w/my dogs--13-14 years. and none of them have dies from the effects of vaccinations. While there IS controversity now concerning vaccines, such as Lepto, we can't throw the baby out w/the bath water. only time and research will tell the story in the future---until then, it is all we have!

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    I got my Leonberger her puppy shots except for Leptosporosis, and thereafter nothing but rabies, and not every year. Only because it is the law. Many moons ago, when it was relevant, I read that the Lepto vaccine was only good against 2 strains and that those 2 strains were not (at that time) even present in this country. I vaguely remember reading also that most of the vaccines are against diseases that could be fatal to puppies, but generally not fatal to an adult dog if they were to contract it. If I was breeding her, I would probably have her revaccinated entirely, but I am not breeding her. Now as for my rescue dog. He got his rabies vaccine when I had him neutered. I used to be all in to the whole natural diet for the first few years with my Leo. In Germany, everyone I knew fed their dogs by fixing them a plate of whatever they had for dinner. The raw diet got to be just a lot of work, and she seems to be content with lamb & rice dog food and table scraps. My rescue dog has always looked 'fat' but I think that is his breed mix. My Leo is not overweight by any stretch of the imagination, although at 126 lbs, she weighs more than I do ;-) The most recent vet she saw last summer when I did the rabies vaccine said she was the healthiest dog to come through his door in a long time.