Anyone have fish like me? Pets

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    I have fish and tons of plants. Anyone else here share my interest?
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    Awe shucks the Koi can be trained to do tricks and they are so gentle they will almost always sit in my hand to be fed. The "Carney" boys are still a wild bunch..must be thier Gypsy I just got a sweet canary Koi..she's a beauty!Just 'bout 6 inches so she is still fairly young..they live in thier hundreds and the Asians "will" their Koi to family members..pretty kewl piece of UBI huh??? lol
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    I'm a Koi keeper. My oldest is Shimmer. a silver metalic 16 inches long. She is trained to jump for her food, does dolphin flips when she doesnt get food imediatley and starts "tornado-ing" under water. She swims in a circle till she has swept the other fish up in her wake and keeps circleing till it looks like an underwater tornado.In the summer she has an outdoor pond, I bring her in for the winters in a very large tank. Her friends are 7 "Carney" fish. The ones you win when you toss a ping pong ball into a jar at the carnival. They usually dont live to the parking lot. Mine are 8 years old and HUGE! They share the pond with 2 smaller Koi, Skully and Vanilla.
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    I'm even more obsessive.

    I found a company in San Diego that does custom tanks. They can't ship the tank to would be a monumental task and quite expensive. But I've told them I wanted a 20ftx8ftx5ft tank. I think I would make it a cold water aquarium....I can get alot of the sea life from the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska.
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    Haha having fish is putting it mildly. I have a coral tank and an Octopus tank here with me in Maine. When I'm not in Maine then I'm managing an aquatics shop in Southern NH. I've worked at SeaWorld and I'm getting my current degree in Psychobiology of Fish. I'm an aquarium shark expert and I have a bamboo shark and a freshwater stingray at the store. Obsessive?.... not at all....
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    Just fighting fish(Betas)now!

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