What would you do for a living if money were no object? Occupation Topics

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    If money were no object for me, I would do volunteer work at non-profits. I would go into companies, train people to become more successful and give free motivational speeches. I would also focus on helping those in need. I really have a soft spot in my heart for the needy. So, my passion is to be of service to those in need. I would feed families, create jobs and teach the people how to create a strong and diverse foundation of investments.

    In reality, I am pursuing my doctorate, focusing on self-development and mapping out a plan on how I can be a bigger blessing in other people's lives. Helping people feels good. So, that is the reason I walk the path I walk. I love helping people.

    Money however takes care of our basic living needs such as food, shelter and clothing. Helping the needy is an act of love and kindness that sometimes requires you to not only use your time but your resources. However, I have to say a person's time speaks louder and is worth a lot more than anything else they can give. I find that to be the most heartwarming. Sometimes people just need you to be there.
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    If money was no object I would be the first to build a safe and loving home for children living with abuse. I have seen first hand the effects of a child being abused either by people beating on them, drug abuse, is heartbreaking to see a child hurt and withdrawn. I would love nothing more than to show them that not every is like that. Show them what real love, real family, and real life are all about!
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    I do have to work but am already doing what I would do if money was no object. I take my dogs into primary schools to euate young children on how to behave and remain safe in the presence of dogs - whether their own family pets or dogs running free in the park.

    I started this as a result fo the increading number and frequency of dog strikes, nips, bites and attacks int he UK; some of which ended fatally for the child involved.

    We do get money for it but we take our expenses and what's left is donated to a local dog rescue charity.
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    good question

    My dream job would be a horse whisperer
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    Of cause help the children and animals ...
    Rescue them and be a foster family, and this is good for both of them to learn a lot from each others between the human and humane. Then, find a permanant home for them or they can stay.
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    I would research. Non-stop learning. It sounds like the most wonderful thing in the world...
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    nice question....i would choreograph dance or continue to place people in the ballet environment or lead them to other healthy outlets...haha who am I kidding, I would own my own boutique store with crazy outfits and heels for those who love them as much as I do...actually on the side be a physiological therapist since they dont make any money anyway and i love to hear and try to solveothers problems.
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    It always depend of every mind and soul, of course all of us have an personal dream to come true. Nevertheless most of human beings are more productive when their environments are better. It is easy to complain how the world is but to do something to change it (eventhough a small action) costs too much.
    I would buy a piece of land to create a small community to turn it into sustainable but with personal development of its members. It is a VERY AMBITIOUS DREAM and requires a lot of effort but there are a lot of people who can share a lot of wisdom, advices and participation. For example you can invite people who are now free of commitments and want to be involved in a better way of life. This could be like a project to start a better way of life for people lack of opportunites (lack of opportunites of giving and receiving). There one can star its personal dream to come true. I see like an ECO WINE AND ECO FLOWERS PRODUCTION with artists and handcrafters involved. The building of the area respecting natural sources and energy production. Also invite people of different countries to start breaking bareers and to focus on the well being of its memebers despite cultural differences. I like Jagdish Parikh's work where he suggest new ways to have a better way of life and self management of society in its book "Managing Your Self".
    Thanks for opening a space where to share our crazy dreams ;)


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    I m sure the military could put their energy elewhere too.... without them u havent got your freedom God Bless Our Troops
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    If money were no object, I would write adaptions for all of Shakespeare's comedies and tragedies. I wrote one and wanted to continue, but I don't have time. I would also love to volunteer at women's shelters. That would be my dream!
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    Few thoughts

    I would redesign public schools.Extend P.E. hours - add olympic size lap pool for every school, so every student would learn to swim, add also nice size stadium, where kids can enjoy variety of sports
    I would redesign schools kitchen, would bring back the chefs, who would cook healthy nutritional meals for children,
    would redesign schools teaching system
    kids should have opportunity for second chance when they fail the test , would pay more attention on teaching logical thinking like in math, physics.. would start world history and foreign languages from 4th grade and not only spanish,how about german, french, or chinese or else?
    for myself I would go back to school and study genetics or pathology to become researcher,
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    That's a tough one! I say hats off to the hockey player- he is doing something he loves and making money doing it! Some things are passions but make no money. I would have been a scientist, but the work is hard, the hours are long, the job security is low, the bureacracy can be crushing and the fields are narrow, making an escape hatch difficult. it takes a big leap of faith to devote yourself to something that pays poorly! let's just say I am optimistically working on finding something that combines my passions with a little remuneration :)
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    If money were not an object, I would definitely no work as much to spend more time with my kids. I would probably do something to help kids. But that is actually not the case today so back to work I
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    That is what I am doing now......

    I am caring my husband and give him a nice and warm family.

    I am writing books without thinking about the market.

    I am searching always new things in my life to explore the world better.

    We are not very very rich, but we do have a very very rich life.
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    Quoting author:

    Oh You Poor Lib!! Blah blah blah!! I'm so sick of you Michael Moore groupies!! You probably believe that if we just ask the terrorist to stop bombing us then they will somehow develop a conscience and be our best friends. Oh yea, 911 was an inside job. Go ahead tell us more about your ridiculous theory of how Bush killed our men and women and crippled our economy to revenge his father?s foe Sadaam!! Shut up!!

    You live in a free country as a result of war and the price our forefathers paid!! You dishonor the flag and the men and women that have died for it with your bogus gibberish!! If you?re so opposed move to France, they gladly welcome traitors and quitters!

    Why don't you cancel your high speed internet service, sell your computer, turn off your lights, stop the midnight snacking and send the money you saved over sees to aid those you speak of!!

    It's so easy to point the finger and do nothing about it!! Typical Liberal... A lot of moaning with no action or solutions!!

    Thanks for saying what so many of us feel
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    first I'd go back to school...then I would help those less fortunate; sick & poor children, the elderly and some charitable organizations
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    I would continue doing Volunteer work for the Regional Blood Center. I love to drive. Picking up blood or delivering it for the patients use is far beyond my greatest expectations. It's a gig that has it's own rewards. Just think, the blood I pick up or deliver may be saving a life that I will never know. It's a silent reward.

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