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    Ok, I know most jobs tend to get old after the 1st few years, and well, I'm ready for a new one. Just trying to figure out where a good one is, and a good location.

    Been doing the same job for 5 years now, and am ready for something new, something I'd like to do that isn't so dreadful/stressful. As most jobs tend to be this way, surely there is a job that's always fun, never gets old, and well, pays really good.

    So, anyone here own a business that might be hiring? Or looking for people to work for 'em? I'd be interested.
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    I love my work, but sometimes hate my job. It has it's ups and downs. Sometimes quite intriguing, sometimes boring and oh so tedious... This is life.

    Your perfect job is trapped there inside you, waiting to be found. What do you love to do? It doesn't even have to be something that is already a commercially resellable product. But find out what you truly love, and find a way to make it pay for you...

    For me, I discovered computers in the early 80's after I flunked many courses at engineering school. I took a programming class and knew that would keep me intrigued for many years, perhaps a lifetime.

    I do still love my work, but sometimes not my job. :o)
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    I can soooooo relate...why I am going back to school....took one of those job aptitude test to give some direction...