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    I'm in the business of purchasing Owner Financed Mortgages and Privately Held Business Notes. I provide a lump sum of CASH NOW for the rights to receive future payments from these types of notes.

    As you may know, many homes and businesses have been sold, are being sold, or will be sold with some form of seller financing. My program allows these note holders (either current or future) to cash out all or part of their note.

    I have found that many times a home or business will not sell because it is difficult for potential buyers to obtain financing, and at the same time a home or business owner will not finance because he wants all of his cash up front. My program provides the owner the option of selling his note once the deal is completed. I offer Simultaneous Closing: where I purchase a note at the same time as the home or business is sold (at the closing through the title company).

    Please, e-mail me today if you'd be interested in learning more. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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    You can get "Hard Money" loans for foreclosures. There are plenty out there..just go on line and search for Hard Money Lenders.
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    Hi, Wally.

    Unfortunately, no, my company doesn't provide financing. The service that my company provides is purchasing owner financed mortgages notes, owner financed business notes, court ordered settlements, annuities, and lottery winnings. We provide a lump sum of CASH NOW to the seller, in exchange for the rights to the payment stream.

    Thank you, for the question, though. I appreciate your time and consideration.

    Warm regards,
    Alicia Bryan
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    Hi Alicia,

    So, I am new to the investment side of realestate. I am going into the forclosure aspect of acquiring realestate. i will be doing what is termend "short sales". are you familiar with that?

    So, I am wondering if there would be any way for you to finance something like that?

    Wally Brown, Olympia, Washington

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