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    My passion has always been fine art. I have spent years and years following the art world re: Museums, Galleries, Artists studios, and the auctions at Sothebys and Christies. I learned that I have a "very good eye", and works of art I purchased in years past, have appreciated immensely. Now, I consult, and buy contemporary art for others. I have made millions for some of my clients, with the art I have counseled them to buy. I wish I could meet a man who had an interest in the art world. It is so much fun. And after real estate, and the Market, this is another good place to put your money. You can live with the art, and it enriches your life, while it appreciates in value!
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    The huge horizons of the thinking, those are virgin skies that extend over us, asking us to populate them with thier natural heavenly bodies, this means, the ideas;
    that's why all thinker, is a sower of stars...
    This thought is from a Colombian Nietzsche called Vargas Vila. I liked your paint if you could share more of the colourful ones I will love to see it. What were your thoughts and feelings when you painted this? Which was your state of mind.
    I like to paint too, I had no school and I am aware my paints are not under the 1.6183... measurments to suggest the mind to be in front of the passivity and peacefulness of perfection. My paintings are more dialogues with the colours to catch a present thought for eternity. I play with time I steal from him a moment of present to capture part of the inner esence of a feeling.
    I started to paint with a seal that is the black swan on the hair of the woman. This comes from the powerful transformation that a poem of Vargas Vila left in my everchanging soul. The poem says this:
    "A big swan, black swan, silent, priosioner, in the inmaculate snow in a clean and smoot place somewhere, appeared in the pillow, your scultural head, all hidden in the unbraided hair, that in thousands tumultuos waves and, magnificent, waved like the waters of a torrent, after a strong wind; "
    So he is comparing her black hair on the white pillow with a black swan in a white lake.
    The first image was a drawing and is this:

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    SWEET Person with HEARTxxoo -- it's I, Ne-phi'the Artist again - here's the portrait of KATINA -- and, now here you can see how the LINEAR get's "filled in" to create a solid space, which is perfect for Katina the Architect - and, she IS basically her "Business" - all the "shapes" are typical of her design trademark. Catch you later -- Roland --
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    SWEET Person with a HEART xxoo - and a GREAT MIND - Greetings, it is I, NE-PHI' the Artist, aka Roland, because most people mispronounce the Artist name - but, anyway - for some reason, I believe we've MET, and perhaps through Bob Crosby's daughter, Cathy Crosby, and just because you're in La Jolla - and - there's a typo re. your age I'm quite sure. YOU are so VIBRANT and ALIVE !! And ACTIVE - and INTERESTING - and - I LIKE your ART, and- you paint LARGE- this is GOOD. There is MUCH to speak about - specifically per our ART "SIMILARITY". Let me show Cathy's drawing here, a close-up. And, also, a portrait of Architect Katina Torino - and I think you can see the "similarity" of Style, per we like ANGLES and SHAPES. Write me, let's chit chat, compare notes. Catch you later -- Roland -- and, oops, I guess just one photo at a time -- so, Cathy first --
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    These pieces are so beautiful...the colors are so alive and vibrant!

    When I was little, my mom had this book of art and there were these paintings called "Unicorn Tapestries" that I kept going back to look at. They were on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art some years ago but I never got to see them. Seeing these paintings here bought that memory back and I'm gonna look them up to see if they'll be in my area anytime soon because I would love to see them up close.

    I was only around 10 years old or so at the time but I will never forget seeing those rich textures of golds and reds.

    I have Van Gogh's "Outdoor Cafe"'s only a limited fine print but I do plan on investing in some fine art in the future.

    Thanks for this thread and the memories...
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    Art washes away the dust of daily life.


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    I love the colors