how many men out there will date or even marry a bbw Newcomer Introduction

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    Easy question is I m bbw and have been most of my life . But , how many men actually will look at me and say she is so sexy and not want a one night stand. All Ive wanted for most part of my life is to find my true love . If thats what you want then why judge on money or weight . Because both can be lost or gained its life . So give someone a chance
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    I don't know what you two are talking about cause i'm a bbw never had a problem with men wanting me at all.

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    I don't mean to sound cruel... but you brought up "That's life" .... maybe in a different context, but in the same vane as "that's the way things go... so my comment here is that, given the opportunity to choose between rich or poor, with all else equal, they'll take rich... given the choice between lean body or "large" they'll take lean ... a lean rich person is more likely to be sought after far more than a poor obese one.. and that's life... If you were to go buy something... cloths, food, electronics, you want the one which is "more fashionable", "riper and tastier" or with "better components"... then you have to decide on what you can afford... maybe settle for something lesser, but one always would prefer the "better item", and I doubt you are any different... this has nothing to do with personality, it has to do with first impressions... a bruised banana may be tastier than one that has a nice skin, but people choose the nice skinned one over the other because it looks better... why should we think choosing a mate will be any different than choosing anything else...