Their suffering yet we still sleep Newcomer Introduction

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    In this world that keeps on spinning
    Who will focus on what's worth seeing
    Roll in laughter or ever so sadder
    Even while knowing what really matters
    In who's behave are we after
    Theres not just one left somewhere crying
    Much too soon to happen faster
    Hear the children we left suffering
    That sound there is no denying
    That existence that leaves none resting
    In the morals lay conscience lacking
    Until the day laid down thinking
    Wishing to pretend even sleeping
    The elderly ignored it who we're ignoring
    Lived for the day forgot about tomorrow
    Happy here but their now sorrow
    Enjoying bounty while Insight suffering

    Who is to blame
    Some are innocent all the same
    Its up to us to make a change
    While one is fighting
    Another is helping
    You'll have your turn
    This world and us are dying
    All contributing
    Less concerning
    We got to learn
    You got to try
    We can't deny
    What did one do
    What did you do
    Is it you
    Was it me
    Pleasure pursued
    Some the least
    Non the less its a test

    So much denial
    It's everyone's trial
    The truth will speak
    Some must seek
    Others will lead
    For just ones relief
    It is not free
    Love pays the fee
    Its another's need
    Don't you agree
    Those we see to please
    Those who need our good deeds
    For our own sake all need peace
    We are blessed but what not the rest
    Only a gift to give affect
    All accountable its a test
    Even just for one at least
    What comes out of you and me
    Bad dreams of the suffering yet we still sleep

    rchoidal 10-24-06

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    In their suffering and despair they find a joy in the midnight air and bright of day
    Some lay quietly in their bed of silk while others don't even have a glass of milk. those in silk frown in discontent they drown in perfume sweet while to some a dump smell sweet and they're content to find a piece of meat just to eat.