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    Recently I read The Alchemist. Although it was a short read, I was crying by page 20.

    It was so simply written, and so profound that while I was reading it in public, people came up to me and told me how much it had impacted their lives.

    It really made me reflect on my life, my destiny, and what I can do to find my "treasure."

    I love books, and I haven't read such a moving book in a long time. So share your faves, so I can go out to Barnes and Noble, lol

    Love to all,

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    Potentially life-altering:
    "The Art of Loving", Eric Fromme

    It's also on my list of "all time favs" on BlueEyz' "Books" thread.
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    I love the "Chicken Soup" series. Funny and insightful on life. Also just read "Time Heals all Wounds" a wonderful collection of poems by publish america.
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    We had a favorite books thread a year ago. Glad it came up again.
    Alchemist is an excellent book, and both my kids loved it too.

    Will keep Being Happy in mind BlueEyz

    Between A Rock And A Hard Place by Aaron Ralston ... A true story which happened in the Rocky Mtns only a few yrs ago. A compelling model for us all with regards to the strength of one's will to survive.
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    Hey Rissa,

    I love the fact that you're recommending books like the Alchemist. It may not look like it's worth the read, but I recommend "Being Happy" by Andrew Matthews -- he's a cartoonist with what turns out to be an uncanny wisdom about the fact that happiness is a conscientious decision we make.