Any philanthropists or NPO-supporting people out there? Newcomer Introduction

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    I've always had the idea making lots of money and living below my means so that I can give to others, One thing I've really started to enjoy is inventing and supporting non-profits. To one extent it's very satisfying, but I just wish I knew of other people who think the same way I do.

    So my question is: Are there any other people on this website that have similar views and values?

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    I work for a NPO. I have always chosen to work for NPO's. I know it sounds silly taking into account the site I'm on but money really isnt everything...I dont think I could get as much satisfaction from my career as I do now had I been working in a "for profit". Aside from working for an NPO I also do some work with inner city youth and have been have to establish a partnership with my NPO to sponsor girls for career day! It's truly great & rewarding!
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    I'm on the board in charge of Finance of a NPO. It's a recent start up, so it's not keeping me busy enough to feel satisfied. Crossing my fingers that it will grow and help many soon.
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    Hello, I'm new here and was looking through the site when I found this thread. I've worked for NPOs and created one myself in the past. The business plan I'm currently developing will create a non-profit foundation in addition to five divisions, all under an umbrella incorporation. The key to any non-profit is to be passionate, different, and productive. You'll need to write a business plan. Otherwise, the paperwork to create the NPO is easy, cheap, and often available online through your state's Secretary of State website. I suggest you engage an attorney and CPA as early as possible. Do a search for the different areas I've mentioned and visit some national NGO websites to get a feel for their program activites and administrative functions. I hope this helps. Good luck! All the Best, Pentora
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    Hello, think i should come in.
    Which non-profit organzation do you support?