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    Hi guys, I am here not for marriage or hook up, but I don't mind to find a few friends around the globe. I registred on this web-site just yestrday and I've already  got lot's of attention from man and even few women. What I could say for the last 24 hours experience up here... It seems for me that's too boring chatting about the weather, someone's  background, education and our jobs or business. I think if we could organise an interesting business it would be great. Also, it would help us to know each other more close and develop our relationships. I have some ideas about it and ready to invest my time and finance. If any is interested just write me directly via the messager. I know it looks a little bit unusual but I am unusual myself. Life is beautiful and too short, that's why  I don't want to waste my time chatting about nothing. Let's make our life  richer and more versatile. 

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