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    I'm a new member and am wondering whether I want to "invest" in the PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP.  I'm not "poor" but neither am I millionaire.  I am, however, 70-years-old.  Even though I'm attractive, interesting and interested and good company, most men aren't interested in 70-yearold women (unless they're 80-year-old men.  Hmmm. . . . maybe I'm an ageist myself?)
    Anyway, I am interested in at least having contact with some new people, but I can find other things to do with those $$ if no one is interested in what I have to offer (and, I assure you, what I have to offer is damn good).
    What do you think?

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    Go for it beautiful lady!  Yea, most men go for the younger ladies but I still have to believe there are a few wonderful men out there that want what we have to offer!  Best of luck to you!
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    I think you should go for it if you can afford it all investment has some risk involved. It's true that older guys often go for younger women but it's usually a disaster as the lack of maturity and substance shows through once the initial "I've got some hot candy on my arm' wears off.  
    I'm sure you are probably looking for male opinions but I thought I'd give my two cents anyway lol!
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    WELCOME to the forums JLGLDST-----

    PROS of GOLD membership?


    Your blogs and comments show up almost immediately.

    You can initiate contact with anyone, regardless of their membership status, at any time.

    You can see who has viewed you, which proves beneficial if you are actively seeking a companion.

    You can view items such as comments on other people's profiles, how many views they have had, when they last logged in etc. as a Premium Member.

    You are probably viewed as more of a "serious seeker" since you have made an actual investment.

    Option to write in silly colors! ;)


    May WINK or FAVORITE an individual, but may never know if the individual they have shown interest in has even reviewed their notice, as you are not allowed to see who has viewed you. 

    Blogs and comments are delayed on foums, up to 24 hours... 

    Cannot initiate contact with any individual, other than wink or favorite, or leaving a comment on the profile itself for all readers to possibly view. You may however, RESPOND to Premium members who write you. 

    Green star in blogs and forums= GOLD MEMBER

    (Recommended) by their name when viewing a profile = GOLD MEMBER

    I hope this helps you make a decision!

    I say, if you have money to spare, pay the 3 month membership and roll with it! I am not a lady who contacts men initially, but it is nice to be able to view who has viewed me, etc. and to review comments on profiles. I feel there is much to tell when I read the comments men allow on their profiles. Many women are blatantly seeking companionship for varius reasons as money, sex, etc.. And when I see men allow that filth on their page, I question THEIR motives of the site. 

    Whatever your decison, enjoy yourelf and have an open mind and be cautious of anything not seeming "right" in your gut. Review the "scammers" pages, and should you have any doubts, contact MMCOUNSELOUR or MM itself... 

    Best wishes to you and WELCOME TO OUR WORLD!!