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    the Liberal Government reduced our Canadian forces to a measely 50,000. 20,000 desk jobs, and 30,000 frontliners. Those were the stats about 3 yrs ago. In the past year or two, Canadians have been losing that image of "Peacekeepers".
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    SIXFEETWTC write:
    BBD you've made some very valid points. I often don't look at the intricacies of war from any perspective other than negative as I've never experienced it firsthand and often it is only the negative that is portrayed in the media. Even though the members of the Canadian Armed Forces are known the world over as peacekeepers and humanitarians, they do not seem to get as much media attention as the US or some other countries (it seems that only when something tragic happens do you hear about them, at least here at home). I believe that Canadians (and I speak only for myself and those that I know personally) do not express their patriotism in the same manner that some US citizens do. Perhaps I will do more of that from here on...

    You speak for me too SIX. Canadians do not express their patriotism, not even a little! When I was in elementary school we said the Lords Prayer and sang O'Canada at 9 a.m. every morning, and at the end of the day we say 'God Save the Queen'. By Jr High none of that was being done. I understand the Lord's Prayer being omitted from the daily routine for religious reasons, but to stop singing O'Canada? I'm surprised my children even no the words.
    I attended a hockey game last week (level below NHL). The speaker asked all to remove their hats while the national anthem was being sung. He did so out of respect and patriotism for out GREAT country! 30 seconds into the anthem, all these young people are hooting, clapping, wolf calling, whistling...HELLOOOO!!! I told my teens that was such a lack of respect therefore patriotism for their country. I never wanted them to behave so ill-mannered. I was quite ticked off, because I love my country! We are blessed to have such a wonderful country to live in. All you United Statians, so do you! lol
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    i HAVE TO ASK IS THAT PIC OF LESLIE THE DRAG QUEEN IN AUSTIN TEXAS.. i think that people can do so much to change the world it seems to be on a rollercoaster.. Just little things can make such a difference.. a smile .kindness Loving well living well.. working in hospice has taught me many lessons the biggest is we need to live good,happy and make it count.. I jump into life with a zest.. Thank you guys for all your nice words about danny he is an awesome guy.. i am just so proud god picked me to be his mamma.. I love the way the internet brings you in contact with others that you would not meet .. Let me tell do I have stories that would make you fall on your behind laughin... Was married to a goodlooking dutch beast.. Now I am free of the beast.. Looking for a laid back American that will make me laugh and tickle my fancy... To be in the dating scene at this stage is so great and so fun.. At least now I know what it is I want... I can take care of myself well but there is something about a millionare..laffin So where the hell are they? Hey you all if you get my way let me know Seattle is beautiful
    and I live close to Vancouver canada Both cities rock...... Wishing you all the best...
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    Anything altruistic is worth pursuing SIX!
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    Longandready write:
    I love to be bit. Come get me.

    if I put my hands on u ...u'll regret it all your life!
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    I like you guys smile.... I think you are both very smart women and wishe d we live closer we could have a blast.. I respect anyone who has served in the armed forces...I tell you this is danny's 2nd tour and as a mother I am just beside myself but I am ever so proud of him and I think that he has learned so much and the compassion that he feels toward the people over there is to me so wonderful.. One man told him when this is all over you come back as my friend.. I pray for his safe return.... I live in paradise and yall can come throw a beer down with me anyday.. are these men real on here cus I am cracking up half the time with their profiles..
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    I don't want to throw anyone off with my post. This blondie just doesn't understand something.

    I would rather have back rubbing or back scratching.

    What is back-biting?
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    Thanks for the concern about danny.. And I know that not everyone is like that..s my mistake. Thank you both for being so nice and I did not mean To offend with that post .. I just think people need to be nice to others as True colors tend to shine bright and hey if you are looking for Mr. Right if there is such a beast.. smile we all have to shine like the goddess's we are!! Correct Girls now go forth and let,s show em what we are made of.. Do not settle until it feels like the million dollars they are claiming to have!!!!!! Laffin