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    There is a situation with friend of mine. The girl who bean leaving with a boyfriend almost for two years... she bean ckooking for him cleaning after him, doing loundry for him, did everything to please him, and one thing she ever asked from him to pay a litle more atention to her, she waned to feel be loved... He bean smoking weed for a long time, and what he bean doing all the time, coming home from work, smoke a blond, watch hockey or basketball...and no atention to her... lately she start feeling lonley with him, she stop feeling that she be loved, he didnt pay enough atention to her... She got pragnant, now she three moth pragnant...One and a half moth a go they got in to fight, and he got very angry at her, and he kicked her out from the apartment, she didnt have a money, no place to go, no body, her family far away no job, and she is pragnant, and up heart broking.......She is very sweet, honest, open, friendley person, loves to comunicate with people...but when she meet her boyfriend she lost conection with every body,her friend use to love her, but because of her boyfriend they didnt want to talk to her anymore, becase they didn't like him... Now she is alon heart broking, lost, doesnt know what to do with her life, she want's to desapeare run away from everything...... And i'm just consern, and woried about her...... and i don't know how to halp...
    And want to know, what oyher people think about this setuation? And how many guys out there, who would date a pregnant lady, and halp her out???
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      Find a house of prayer and worship under the name Jesus and look for a man who is save,  sanctify  and filled with the Holy Spirit.  Not no religious nut but a man of faith who has a 100% relationships with God the living and true God. That would be the best place to start but don't get me wrong their are others who are just as nice but you may have to go through hell and high waters to find him. I will pray God send her what she needs but it probably want be no man nor woman just a saturation of love and peace. And he will be the provider. 


    A good man can over look some things but it scares them because most ladies go back to the dad of the baby and the dad can change,  and the he (the new guy) ends up heart broken and disappointed.  So hopefully she can find some good motherly help just get by until things settle down.


    God bless yours truly Mr. Born1top.

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    The solution is simple - stop picking men for the worst possible reason. 


    I've seen this stuff before - 9 times out of 10, the guy is tall, charming, and has a bit of money.


    The girl picked the douchebag for those reasons. 


    I can guarantee that she ignored some short, awkward guy in the bar on the same day that douchebag asked her out - because it happens every single night.   Now she wants some nice guy to come and treat her nice - after she let the douchebag have his fun.


    You want to be treated well?  Make that your FIRST priority.   You know those movies where they do make-overs?   There is a reason why they take the nice dowdy girl and make her pretty rather than take the mean pretty girl and make her nice.


    Same thing works with men.  You can take a nice guy and teach him to dress better, make more money, (can't make him tall).  But you can NEVER make a mean tall attractive guy nice.


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    Agreed.  "She" is obviously "her friend," if you catch my meaning.
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    Someone who has gone through that much trauma in her life will not be emotionally stable to date and have a solid relationship.  She would be best served by surrounding herself with friends and family, working on her self-esteem, and getting her life together for her future child.   Sadly, I have seen women go from one broken relationship to another and wonder "why."  Encourage your friend to get stable and happy first... then date.