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    I'm really new on here and to online dating etiquette in general. I just created my profile last week and I assumed the protocol goes something like this:
    1. Start by a nice casual wink to those you find interesting and would like to chat with.
    2. IF they're interested they'll email back. If they're not interested, you just don't hear anything back or perhaps (IF he/she is a gentleman/lady) a kindly worded "not interested" message.
    So if I have already winked at those I find interesting and get nothing back, there really is no point in sending email, right?
    Or is MM being serious when they say, "many members prefer to receive emails and ignore winks?"
    Honestly it's not a big deal, but I just really don't have any desire to bother anyone by sending a message if "ignoring a wink" is meant to be interpreted as "not interested." Any thoughts?
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    Well HI ALI and WELCOME to MM--

    Few things--

    If you are not a paid member, you can't see when the people you have winked at were last on. Therefore, you may be winking at people who have not loggged on for months!!

    Also, as a standard member, one cannot initiate email anyway. You may reply back when emailed. 

    I do NOT write men first. It's just what I am comfortable with. I will favorite a man. However, as a standard member, one is not able to see who has viewed them. Those are the main advantages to Gold membership. (That and blogging is immediate) 

    Do what makes YOU feel comfortable. 

    In a way I admire women like BEPOSITIVE, HI BE!!, who are comfortable in emailing men. For me, I am not. For other women, they are. 

    The only thing I can say is.. Never allow fear to stand in you way. 

    I don't email men, but it isn't fear that holds me back. It's the reality I prefer very strong, dominating men who take charge. Thise type men, if interested, will mail me first. 

    BEST WISHES TO YOU! May we all find love this year! Or at least have fun trying! ;) 
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    I, personally, don't get the whole "wink" thing.  If I am interested in someone I send a nice email in hopes they email back.  I answer all winks and emails, I wish others would do the same instead of ignoring the action (oh well).
    I also go to the chat room.....sometimes I chat and sometimes I sit back and watch.  There are some nice people in the chatroom and most seem to be genuine.  I have made some good friends there.
    Don't give up, Ali........everthing takes time.  Stay positive!