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    I was asked by someone whether I could ever love a poor man or was I too closed off to love for love's sake since I was on this site. 

    The answer is complex; a simple yes or no does not suffice. Attraction is not about whether a man had money or not. I will love a man who has vision, passion, drive, ambition, fight to achieve success and resilience and would find those same traits attractive in me. Those traits tend to supply a certain amount of success in life financially yes but it wouldn't be the only contributing factor. 

    So a poor man who has spent a lifetime in a low wage 9-5 job with no ambition would not attract me. A man who has a history of survival and success, someone dedicated to bouncing back after a stock market crash or company bankruptcy ... Who may be lacking financial success "right now" but has the right stuff to build again who be given equal consideration to someone at the top of their game. Conversely someone who was handed millions through family and lacks ambition, is lazy, spoiled, mean or indifferent to the world around him would be as unattractivve as the poor man. 

    I am curious ... Is money the highest percentile reason for women on here or like me, is it the strength of character that made the man? 



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    i'll be honest with you... it's the money.


    what you said makes perfect sense.

    but here's the thing.

    every women needs security, every person does.

    every person is vain on one level or another.

    for some men, it's a woman's appearances... for others it's intelligence or whatever... we're all vain somehow.


    anyway, i want a men who is financially secure because you can be in love with someone but if you can't feel secure with that person... if you feel like that person can't take care of you financially if you need him to... then that love isn't complete.


    love isnt just love... love should always be attached to other things.

    in my case, love and security is needed for happiness. 

    love alone is like Romeo and Juliet... two crazy teenage in love who died uselessly. 

    love alone is unrealistic.

    love cannot conquer all... it's the persons' strenght who chooses to love that can conquer anything.

    love is not forever... memories on the other....

    love is also never truly unconditionals... if it is... then we'd love everyone without regards... then we would never have to find love.

    love might be abstract but the effects are real so one must walk carefully down its path otherwise fragile hearts will break.


    so i can love... conditionally... but to make love last realistically... i need to feel secure and safe.