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    I have been talking to this "female" who went to Africa on business to do some consulting work...

    Sounded fishy from the start, but I enjoy a good game every now and then, so I have played along.

    Even talked to them on the phone a few times. Well, they were supposed to fly back to the States today, and just like clockwork comes the hook.

    They were supposed to be paid in part cash and part check. But when they actually got paid, it was all check and no cash, and low and behold, their credit cards are max'd out...

    To validate their story, they even sent me the flight schedule! The daytime contact phone number is listed on there.

    It is very odd, that when I goo_gle the phone number of the hotel where the arrangement were made, the only hit I get is for someone selling "a wide variety of ipods and digitall cameras"

    When I asked them if they had a digital camera or could get one to take some pictures of Africa for me, they told me that there was very little technology there!!!

    I figure if they are scamming me, there might be a possibility that they are scamming some other MM members too.

    STORY SOUND FAMILIAR TO ANYONE??? You don't have to post back, but you do have to BE AWARE and BEWARE !!!!
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    very typical scam story, sadly my friend got sucked into a similar story and we cannot convince her it is all baloney.  I paid good money to meet some good quality gentlemen here.  In all honesty I am not sure a millionaire needs a website to find a nice woman as most women flock to such men and don't need much help but I am hopeful there may be some lonely gent who is not a scammer and not interested in using me or any other woman.

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    Disgusting scammers

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    What I would say, if you get stuck somewhere, call your family or stay there!


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    Quoting author:

    This is sad, and very bad. It actually makes some of us look very bad. I joined this site three weeks ago and I have not received much activity all because I am from Africa. I am a genuine person looking to connect with a genuine person too. I am not a scammer and would not ask anyone for money. I am independent and pay my own bills.


    Ladies and gentlemen, there are some good people here in Africa. Do not treat all of us the same. Give others a chance and you will see what I am taking about.



    Unfortunate thing is that in real life in the U.S. I have some female acquaintances who are ethnic Nigerians who are absolutely way, way, way off the scale gorgeous. I would be delighted to get a bride direct from Nigeria if there are more like them but even if there are would be way too hard to get past all the scammers so have to quarantine Africa profiles.

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    Do you qualify as a millionaire?

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    what about some white scum we go through every single hour here in UK? MOST OF THE SCUMS AND RACIST ARE DONE BY WHITE MEN, because they have small dicks and  decide to spoil dating for genuine men ,fact is scums is the thing of internet. Women are heavily involved in scums, fact is stay away from online dating.

    Its used for all sorts, every single photos is run against police and law enforcement, every data is acquired. White pedos lurk dating sites to get single mothers, it puts children at risk. 

    Such headings is cultivates racist and promotes hate, "scums is a internet thing" everyone is a victim.

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    This is sad 😔 

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    This scam happens on every dating site. Report to admin to have them removed.


    I've had it happen on another site and I played along with him to entertain myself. He was stuck in Brazil I believe it was. I reported him to the admin of the site, he was removed but a week later I was "re-matched" with him under a different user name. 

    People will always find ways to play the game online or off. At least you can congratulate yourself on recognizing the game and not getting scammed as so many have.

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    I haven't read through all these comment so forgive me if I am repeating what has already been said. One way that can help you spot a scammer is to ask them to e-mail you a photo of themselves and then use google image search to see if they have taken that photo from someone else. 

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    How sad!!!!

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    Never send anyone money on these sites. That goes both ways, men nor women should send money to strangers.

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    Familiar? Very... as stated, an Beverly Hills electrical engineer after leaving the South African International Airport on his way to the capital to closed a 10.2 million dollar contract with the SA government was ambushed by the local natives when out of the bushes they jumped and took everything on his person. His urgency was to make this meeting through any means necessary or lose his 10.2 million dollar contract that would literally light up South Africa. (pun intended)  In the end-I suppose he was boiled alive and eaten by the locals. Poor fellow. :>)


    Anyone who has been to Africa know that they are 100% safer there then NYC, or LA. Go figure...

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    Wow..I see ladies have a tendency getting attacked by the scammers more than we men. This last one ( caGrl4y) was an educational one. I joined 3 weeks ago, and have been approached by 4 scammers..!!


    What I have learned, if it's too good to be true, Then it is "definitely" too good to be true! At the moment I am corresponding with one scammer. She is walking with a yellow line on her back and I am just having some fun with her. I have already sent her to the Western Union twice to pick up the money she asked for.


    This time, I am going to tell her, I had a phone call from the Western Union, that they will not proceed unless they have a scanned copy of her driver license. Let see what she responds...!!?..LOL

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    oh yes!  very popular scam.  They can be male or female.  They wont skype you and they do everything they can to charm you.  Suddenly they are in love with you, cant wait to be with you,  send you love letters and call you in the middle of the night.  The phone number may be from your local area code or from where ever they claim to be from.  "Whatsapp" is a common phone service where they can mask their real location and there are others too.  Then they suddenly have to leave on a trip to some foreign place.  And days or weeks later they get stuck and desperatley need your help to buy them aa ticket, or pay for a customs problem, you name it.  Dont fall for it.  No mattwr how wonderful they sound. I have been hit by 3 scammers on this site in the 3 weeks I have been on this: Martin Blue eyes, Chelseafun, handsome Jim.  Get them to send you photos.  Run them through Google image search or a site called Pig Busters"  they may be there.  There are monster romance con rings primarily in Nigeria and in Turkey.  They scam people for billions.   I had hoped this site would be better but so many are not certified or verified but there seem to be a multitude of liars and fakes here too.  

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    My father 76 married his 30 year old South African dating scam she has been trying to get over from South Africa ripping him off with payouts for flights, legal proceedings, failed visa applications, electricity cut off bills you name it he has sent money to her for over two years it began in a similar way. He sends her money all the time and mobile phones and laptops which she sells for cash and when I tell him to stop he says "But we are married" She actually married in her sisters name so the marriage certificate is a fake but that doesn't deter him either because he went over there to marry her and slept with her once. He is living a poor life here and sending every penny he has there. The area where she lives is on a postal red list with the postoffice and well known for prostitutes ripping people off online in the UK. When he went over he was kidnapped and met another man who was a prisoner too who's credit cards and debit cards had been removed from him by the people who took him saying they would get him a taxi to the place he wanted to go, he was too caught up in a dating online South African woman scam but in her failing to get a visa he was going there to join her, I expect he is dead now. My father escaped luckily and kept his cards in his shoe and got home to the UK. He still refuses to accept this was all part of the scam. My sister and I now give up trying to get him to stop. He has nothing left here, eventually when drained dry he will go over there and probably end up like that other fella.

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    I have it on good advice that Nigerians are very fearful of being put under a curse.  They refunded money to a naive woman I know begging her to lift the "curse" she placed on them. 

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    I've wasted 9-months trying to figure out real vs fake.  I thought I developed a system but after reading some of the post the system won't solved all of the issues.  Needless to say that i am annpoyed having spent the entire month of April on a merry-go-round with about 100 views each week... finding none that has been real so far.


    There are 3-things right off the cuff that can quickly spot a fraud... anyone interested just email me. Don't want to give up what appears to be woking for me on a public forum so theses scammer can design an andoidote.  


    To make one more point... so far the only real people have been those living in other contries. Go figure...

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    The same with me. I have almost never been contacted by "real" men. Very boring and actually frustrating. The only good thing about it is I recognize scams very fast now. Besides "schmaltzy" stories another important sign is that scammers very often provide contradictory information. Guess, a man usually knows whether he is "widowed" or "divorced"! So watch out for such mistakes.