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    Okay, so someone else was brave enough to make a thread about breast modification so I thought I would make a thread on a similar topic I have been considering!

    I eat healthy foods, I never eat fast food and try to keep going to restaurants down to once or twice a month. I typically exercise 4-5 days a week. It's no light workout, either. It's an intense cardio & muscle building class I've been taking for nearly 2 years. It hasn't been without results, but I can't seem to get rid of my love handles! When I put in my height & weight into one of those BMI calculators, my BMI is 21 so I'm pretty much smack dab in the middle of "normal" weight for my height. I can't really reduce my caloric intake. I'm already eating healthy foods. I think the only way I could shrink my love handles any more is if I went on the tv show "Survivor".

    My tummy area has always been the one area of my body I'm not satisfied with. I know I'm not overweight; I think it's just in my genes to carry my lipid tissue in my hips/lower back more than anywhere else. I think if I had some procedure to reduce my love handles and a bit of fat off my abdomen I would be really satisfied with my body. I have no image in my head of any celebrity and how I would expect my body to look exactly like theirs. Nor do I have an expectation of exactly what I think my body should look like afterward. I just want a little less muffin top!

    However, I'm in school now and don't have time for any 6 week recovery for lipo. Not to mention it involves general anesthesia and is a completely unnecessary surgery. I'm curious if anyone else has had any procedures done to reduce their love handles, what those procedures were, if you are willing to share your experience, and if you would do it again! I've heard of non-invasive procedures to reduce love handles, but I've also heard for some that their efficacy is questionable and I'm not going to spend a ton of money on something that doesn't really work anyway.

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    It might be time to switch it up a notch with your workout routine.  Two years is a long time to spend at any one work out.  

    I understand that it's likely not the same workout each time, but in order to hit the more challenging areas of your body (you can't spot reduce) you simply have to do exercises that cause your body to work harder.  

    I've experienced the greatest success by doing the zwow workouts.  Check out the site called litealloy and pick any one of the workouts.  Challenge yourself by doing more reps, and doing them faster.  I've played hockey, done kung fu, and belly danced and these workouts kick my butt.

    Also, examine your food intake.  I know you've indicated that you eat healthy, but do you track what you eat and how much?  I'm not saying to reduce your caloric intake, but rather to examine where your food energy is coming from.  


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    I find that eating late is terrible for the midsection so my advice to you would be to make sure that you do not eat anything once it is 6 or 7pm. Eating late at night weakens your stomach muscles and retain fat in your midsection. If you are terribly hungry and must eat, stick to fruits such as an apple or a light fruit salad, and drink loads of water. Or sweetcorn, green peas and spinach salad with no salad dressings.

    To reduce the existing fat in the midsection, you could try Pilates. They are terrific. You can also add swimming to your existing workout as this is an all body workout. You can also add aqua-aerobics to your swimming regime - it is fun and effective.

    Finally, if you want to use extra help, you can try fat-freeze procedures. They are non-invasive and need no recovery time like liposuction, but the results do not show until about 3 months afterwards. They are designed to freeze your fat cells until they break and release their fat content into your blood stream and your system, where they [coupled with exercise and good diet regime] get burned and used up for energy. The destroyed cells are said to never grow back, which gives the long term effect of fat reduction. I have never used these procedures or any other surgical procedure so I cannot personally vouch for their effectiveness and I'm sure they must have some side effects that you may want to look into before making your decision.

    I simply use Pilates exercises, healthy eating regime [time of last meal] and also what I generally eat. I also tend to lose tonnes real quick when I am stressed so I consider that the upside of stress, LOL.

    I hope this helps.