Is there any men (50 ish) on here who are NOT scammers???? Message Board

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    I am sick to death of all of the scammers on the dating sites.  They ruin everything for everyone.  I am turning them in right and left.  Once you figure out their game, they are not hard to spot. 

    Scammers, be warned, I am on to you and will not put up with your tactics.  I will report you not only to the site support but also to your country of origin.  Yes, I do know how to do that! 

    Any real Christian men, in their 50's or early 60's that want to meet a lady who is also very real with much love and passion to offer, please see my profile.  I would love to chat with you!

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    From my experience, the 50ish men that are not scammers and are remotely appealing in their appearance are unfortunately still seeking what they perceive as perfection and women younger than them.  They are delusional as to what they are but I suppose some of them with fat wallets will attract younger women who have no substance,.. their future exes, ha!


    I'm typing in general terms, there may be a few good ones online but I certainly don't know any. By the way, I am also looking for a Christian man which makes the odds even slimmer!



                           Good Luck!!!



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    OH SHUDDER!!!!  BAD verb tense!  I meant ARE there any men 50 ish on here who are not scammers.  :-)