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    Your thoughts.
    For? Against?
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    Interracial dating is great.

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    Is interracial relationship widely accepted in the USA

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    I agree, its the connection that matters

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    Evolution=closer to the equator the darker the skin turned, the further away ..the lighter.  Very Simple. 

    Environment= Influences, Moulds an Individual Mentality (NOTHING TO DO WITH ONE'S SKIN SHADE)

    I am open minded to one race "HUMAN" I do not restrict myself to a skin shade, only to a mentality. If you live in a bubble, and have no appreciation for the diverse cultures of the world. Please keep it moving (you know who you are)'ve already limited yourself. Sorry if I may sound rude, but life is too short for such nonsense.

  • View author's info Posted on Jan 05, 2014 at 12:17 AM

    In 2014 it seems such a silly question to ask. Who cares about color anymore? Love who you want and be happy.

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    i love all men

  • View author's info Posted on Jun 12, 2013 at 05:55 AM

    TOTALLY FOR: If the two are from totally different cultural backgrounds and they both have a deep understanding of each other's culture (including but not limited to religious/political views, gender roles, family traditions, what's considered acceptable/unacceptable in regards to sex and intimacy, parenting - even if they may not want children, ya never know) If each are ok with their differences in these areas (and others they they find important to discuss) then the relationship could be strong.
    TOTALLY AGAINST: if either has has the "I've never been with.." mentality or a fetish for someone of a different race (unless it's a NSA, FWB etc. type relatiosnhip.) For a LTR more serious relationship the two must have a genuine attraction and learn about each other on all levels. If they haven't discussed cultural differences at all (99% of time it won't work)

    I've hear comments before like If I have kids with a white man "my kids will come out cute" or "their kids MUST be beautiful.." upon hearing one has a biracial child. It always irks me. Most children are beautiful physically regardless of skin color. Of course people are entitled to their opinion, I just hope adults don't teach childen (directly or indirectly) that mixed children are better looking. I also hope people don't get into interracial relationships so their kids can be "beautiful", have "good hair" etc.. On the issue of thinking your child is the most beautifullest child in the world for any reason, well I think that's acceptable in most cases.. lol ;
    ::RANT ENDS::
    DISCLAIMER: using interracial, biracial, mixed etc.. because the names have changed over the years and not sure of what's offensive, politically correct or what lol.. so if I've offended, I apologize, feel free to educate me.
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    You do not know me lady and have no idea of how smart or dumb I am It is a free country last time I checked. Apparently u have a problem with being black or it would not bother u
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    Yes look at your photo and we all know how u were brought up LOL
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    First of the term Sweetie tells me of your education I am not a waitress and u do not know me. I do get it and u are certainly incorrect some have pure blood. Apparently u don't get it.U can choose to date a zebra as far as I am concerned and my choise is my own. It should not bother u, BTW Where is a photo of u
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    I personally are totally against but if u like that is u I do not judge
  • View author's info Posted on Jul 16, 2006 at 10:20 PM

    candygirl2005 write:
    I am 100% against inter-ratial relationships. The cultures are diiferent and cause problems. How many do u see that work out?

    sweetheart, no one has "pure" blood. we are all connected, all related. i hope that one day you'll get it....
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    CANDY are seriously off Ur rockers......are you saying that there are no inter-racial relationships that actually last?..........well my mother is from Nigeria....and my father is Mexican......and they have been together for 30yrs......and still going strong.....i think you need an attitude re-organization.....culture has nothing to do with anything......all matters is that they love each other enough to want to know each others wonder you are seriously unhinged and need to go back and re think Ur are harmful.......and my heart breaks for you.
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    Oops, I guess I missed where earlier posts basically said the same thing I just did!
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    I'm just curious as to why this thread is listed under "personality disorders"??

    Shouldn't this fit under "romance" or something??

    As for my two cents I think inter-racial relationships should be such a non-issue that no one even thinks to bring it up as a topic. If two people connect, they connect. Period. And this may be a TOTALLY politically incorrect thing to say, but I also tend to think that inter-racial couples often produce more attractive offspring (sorry, but it's just something I kept noticing).
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    I'm cosidered caucasian however my background isnt 100% anglo, i'm many parts of a few cultures and people should be with who they want to be with. For those who think its wrong, look at yourself, where does your bloodline hail from, I'm a human being, who cares what my race is, if you like me for who i am it is of no relevance, Candygirl, you're entitled to your opinions but it makes me wonder how narrow minded you were brought up, is it learned behaviour for you to be against interacial relationships, have you been brainwashed by your upbringing or are you just seriously ignorant.

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    I have indulged in many different dating scenario's involving different races, and culture. I heard the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice. I enjoy dating girls who are spiritual, rather then by race. Personally I have my preferences, but it is a free country, I think. Yeah there are alot of people who keep it in the family so to speak, and who's to say they are wrong in doing this as well. Oppossites may attract, but equals usually work the best. This statement does not have to pretain to race, just how evolved a person in as a whole human being.
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    Im the off spring of such a relationship....they do come with certain stress , But the times are a changing !
  • View author's info Posted on Dec 31, 2005 at 04:26 PM

    candygirl2005 write:
    I am 100% against inter-ratial relationships. The cultures are diiferent and cause problems. How many do u see that work out?

    Asinine comment candgirl.......