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    I know there are so many good women on this planet, however it is not easy to find a women that is not bitter towards men. If you are bitter, spiteful, or creepy then you will immediately turn many good men away, and they could be your potential mate. So why are there so many spiteful women online? Is it because many men are crude and have no class? or what?
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    Don't give up! It will help you to appreciate somebody nice..
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    I take exception to ANY gender bias.
    @Danny - Some men date for sport... as do some women
    @real - there are just as many bitter men as there are women... it's all a matter of perspective (yours or theirs)
    I think you tend to attract what you need... when you get yourself whole, healthy and ready, you will only attract those who are whole, healthy and ready.
    When I meet someone who is less than what I deserve, instead of blaming them, I look inside myself and figure out why I needed what they had (or didn't have).  I fix that and move on.  Each sucessive encounter leaves me meeting better and better people.
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    yess me ...i really cant be like that

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    Well said Danny.  In my experience I have found that some men/women go through a divorce, breakup or death and then hit the dating sites to "get over it".  Many of these people have not  allowed themselves to grieve or deal with the break up and bring resentment and anger to the site.  I try not to date anyone that is currently separated or has been single for less than a year.  Being single for only a few months is certainly not enough time to deal with all the issues that caused the breakup in the first place.   
    There are some bitter, mean, spiteful people on all dating sites and in life in general.  These people need to deal with their issues before they even decide to date.  If you are in the Chat room (like me) it is easy to spot the men/women that are still bitter.  They talk about their ex's or just have a negative attitude in general.
    How can anyone show love and respect to another if they dont love and respect themselves?  Men/women need to be in a "good place" in their lives before they even consider bringing another person into it (dating).  Don't give up hope people!!!  There are some wonderful, happy people on this site and if you are serious about finding love just weed through the crap.
    Happy searching my friends.......:)
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    Playing games?  Some men may not take dating seriously.  They are in it for the sport only.  I agree there. many do not express their feeling toward women well or even in any mature way.
    With that said there are many women who I agree tend to play games with men.
    They agree to dates for free meals and entertainment and really do not have an interest in the guy.
    They actually live with the mindset that men are put on this planet to serve them.  They think about what he can do for them much more than what they can do for him. In a healthy mindset this is a fluctuating process and must balance to make a longterm relationship work.
    Yes some women carry a scorned attitude into new relationships from the past. 
    Women carry an attitude of bitterness and resentment toward men when they don't get what they want when they want it.

    Men you have a duty to not waste your time with these kind of women. But some men are very stupid and ignorant.  They fall into the trap of giving women what they desire and try to impress them with the expensive dates. Rarely does this work in the longterm. But it does work for the shortterm.  Men dont see longterm women do. Men are happy getting fullfilled in the shortterm. And women fall for that by giving them what they want.

    Maybe both men and women should stop and understand what they do cause the division.  And stop blaming the other.
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    Becasue they are plenty of men who are only playing games and full of crap online..
    If you are only meeting spiteful women, then you must be doing something wrong.
    They say you only attract people who are like youself.