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    Anesthesiologist Stewart Hammeroff discovered when microtubules were anesthetized, all brain, and neural activity including neural growth, cell division, biochemistry and consciousness stopped. Every cell in our body is made up of microtubules. Anesthetize the brain and there is consciousness. Anesthetize microtubules and there is no more consciousness.

    I agree we are particles... of a Soul, with access to limitless possibilities until we have a thought. I also agree there are immutable Universal Laws that apply to all, whether we accept this or not. We are creative beings and our every belief, thought, word, feeling and action is energy with power to cause. Where our attention goes, energy flows. We came to Earth school to experience and grow the human heart. Einstein told us that problems cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created them. In my view, this means we can solve every problem in our personal lives and globally, when we look at life another way through "One" global heart, instead of a fragmented fear based global mind. Over to you.
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    In a similar vein, I once had a philosophy instructor say something to the effect that "reality is only what we as a collective consciousness want it to be"
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    Thank you for this new knowledge. I found it very interesting and I completly relate to it as well. I wish that there was more conscious awarness globably in the world b/c we all would be much more peaceful!