A lack of decorum on the forums? Message Board

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    Hi Carolinaman, welcome to the forum.Looking forward to reading your 2 cents on here too.. Its usually pretty good, you just have to weed out the garbage.
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    Hi Mary....thought I would give this a try and send a hello to ya in Jax. Hope doing well!
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    I don't judge!
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 27, 2005 at 09:42 PM

    OMG Decomp and Putrid that has got to be the funniest picture i have seen in many a yr. When i first looked at it i laughed so hard my neighbor came over. I showed her and she cracked up. Oh sweets that was just too priceless. Yep priceless it was...S4U
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    OMG ED< HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,,,, never a dull moment with you, by the way I live the picture. Is it current?
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    I have never seen you look better.....where do you shop for clothes?
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    Six, there are some bitter men and women "out there" who have no one. They are ticked off with the whole world, dissatisfied with themselves and their lives and need validation that they are not invisible. So they join chat groups, not to contribute to an internet discussion, but to judge, criticize and diss others. Then, when they get a "back at ya!" from one or more chatters, they can say, "See? I'm right! People are jerks everywhere."

    I believe the trouble with the entire population of Earth is our bad habit of indulging in intolerance, judgement and stubborn insistence that others think the same as they do. Obviously, that's impossible.
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    Thanks Julia, I knew what you meant, I was just having fun with it,
    Thank you for your nice compliments too, sweet lady.,
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    Sharp1 and Butterfly,

    My post was directed lovingly at six...who is also one of the most interesting people posting.....if I might say as well.
    Butterfly, I do so look forward to seeing your happy face daily in forums,
    I am enjoying the friendships so much I forget what I was originally here for........
    Bright little bulb am I?
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    butterfly...I interpreted Julia's post to be directed at SIX...that was her penance, not ours! lol
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    i wasnt judging, honest, I swear
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    Im sorry sixfeet: I didnt mean to sound so bitchy, I was just joking anyway, just having fun. TRUCE

    Is that better Julia? do we still have to write our essays?
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    ladies and gentlemen of the jury.... we find the below posted guilty of stuckupidness.
    your sentence is as follows :
    TO write 50 times a day in your journal I will not judge others ......
    or start a different thread....
    .. great life with options that we have isn't it?
    I love you all 4 your diverse
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    SIX...I re-read my post re correcting HDK's spelling and although I deleted it, I recognized that it was not belittling or derogatory in any way. I even stated I was being facetious and I'd laugh if it was directed at me...that no offence was intended. HDK emailed me to say he wished I hadn't deleted my post. He did not take offence as he perceived no offence was intended. I also thank him for reminding me that "We can't blame ourselves for other peoples problems[mispercieptions]."

    Yes some people have been on here for years and have formed friendships. You refer to them as clicks. But they are not clicks. Because I have been on here for just a few months and already I have made friends on here too, as have others. So I guess you could say I broke into the 'click'? I'm sure if you wanted to, you could as well. It only takes a first step by yourself and everyone would welcome you in. As for this click that is open to isn't just comprised of women. I feel like I've formed friendships here with a couple of the men too, that is not romantically inclined. Try might enjoy yourself more than you think. You yourself are guilty of your topic heading simply by pointing out all the negative and failing to see all the positive.
    Moonray is is a minority who are negative on here. And pretty much they have all disappeared. The rest is simply different people expressing their opinions. And as we all know everyone can have a different opinion. This may be perceived by yourself as bickering, etc. It is not.
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    You know some people are a little more crass than need be. But for the most part, the forum has been pretty good. A month or so ago, prior to the forum, this site only had the Message Board and it was truly atrocious the conduct onit. This is mild in comparison. And like BBD said, some of it is just intended between friends to be in fun...teasing. Sometimes this have been serious on here, and those people were removed from MM. Otherwise, maybe one should take what the read with a grain of salt. There is alot of humour on this site too. If you look for the bad, that's all you'll see. If you look for the'll see more of it than the bad. Enjoy, participate and add your own humour to these forums that will put a smile on other people's faces. Might I add if you want some good humour, read Romance/What your first date "turn-offs" and scroll down to 1SouthernGentleman's post. If that doesn't make you laugh...nothing will!
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    It's really just a minority who are like that in the Forum... besides having a profession and an education doesn't mean at all that the person has good manners...
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    I could not agree with you more! Supposedly, the majority of people on this site are professional and well-educated. Why then are they showing such a lack in good manners?
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    oh ,, i forgot that was for you sixfeet, sorry but im really not in the mood right now to use the caps on the keyboard, dont be mad, i was just having fun with what you wrote, you must be one of those that like to date older...........chill girley girl. MUAH!!!
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    OMG........Lighten up! GEEZ, smile be happy, I dont know what you are reading, but Im new here and find it hysterical. and BTW who gives a sh_ _ if the spelling is wrong?Dont be such a stuffy shirt, get your pantys outta your butt, put on a thong, and go get some, uh... pamparin..LOL