Why is it so hard for a hot woman to find a normal guy. Long Distance Relationship

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    Most guy's will stare but become nervous .What is the reason for this behavior?Hourglass52
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    Haha, great list! 

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    Well good looking girls are more picky - wanting more fun, smart, good looking man... and prefer to be alone than lose their standarts.

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    Mens priorities are in this order:

    1.) A great personality.

    2.) Is fun to be with.

    3.) Good looking (in the individual mans opinion).

    4.) Is mentally and physically available.


    5.) Is clean and tidy.

    6.) Good dresser (not outstanding), can dress up or down.


    Men's turn off's are:

    1.) A woman who flirts with too many men.

    2.) A snob.

    3.) Obsession with social climbing.

    4.) Women who think they are much better looking than they really are. (If you have a pretty face but your butt occupies two airline seats - well guess what).

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    I impress people easily. I have all good qualities but it seems like successful men want big tits instead of intelligent nice girl. Am i wrong?  How I can find a family-oriented man who wouldn't be interested in just hooters?

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    The reason men are scared is cause more times then not the hot girls are superficial!  If you are not as hot as them "your not in their league" and society make us believe that just like everything in life, dating is also "class/League" related.  

    The "normal" guys are usually the nice guys and well to get the girl you need to be the big mouth show off arse to get noticed.  The "normal" guy won't be seeking the attention of everyone and try to entertain everyone to be noticed and in doing so the woman never notice him either.

    Yes I might have generalised a bit but well that is generally the reason and outcome.

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    Sometimes men are assholes when they realize they don't want the relationship between him and the woman. If he doesn't want it to go any further  he cuts it off . Normally he's classified as a asshole.

    Myself I'm use to woman with more wealth and who are independent. I would say I'm pretty good looking and never have a problem dating however to find the right girl all I look for is a few simple things and its actually tough to find, the more rich they are i noticed the more lazy in the kitchen.

    I look for a woman Who is fun and likes to try new things. Same taste in music , likes to dance (swing, cha cha) , can cook and has a very good career. I've even dated a very wealthy young beautiful woman but because of my goals I had to move away and let her go. We had everything in common it broke my heart to leave but I had to because of my goals. 


    Btw even white guys like big butts :) 

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    I would be nervous too. I see how huge your booty is...some men love that, but it would scare the hell out of me when thinking of "doing" certain things or showing up at a Hollywood premiere with anyone with your dimensions. Again, I am sure you attract a very specific group of men and I am glad for you. Good luck with that. Sorry, if I sound condesending but to argue that men get nervous around you when little that you offer appears to come close to a global standard of what is perecived to be attractive seems riduclous. It would be as crazy as for me to complain that short woman are scared of me...and they should be...I am goddamn six foot seven and they would look like dwarfs next to me...let alone the pain they might endure in the sack. Trust me, I've graciously tried. Some things just don't fit when bodies are proportional. Lol

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    goes both ways    Women wait for the men to take the initiative and if he doesn't then she has lost out.  when is the lat time, you as a woman, told some man  I LIKE YOU

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    What Tarkin1 said. Nicely said

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    For me the key is the word normal.   There is no such thing.  There is the famous line about having 2.6 children.  That is an average, but obviously no one has 2.6 children. The truth is you are not looking for a normal person.  Everyone has specific things they are looking for.

    Most people I know are shallow.  Men clearly want beauty.  But women are just as shallow.   Check the URL we are using.

    That's OK.   Nothing wrong with being a bit shallow, we all are.  Me, you, your parents, your pastor, everyone.  Even Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. were a little bit shallow.   (Martin, god bless his peaceful soul, was very shallow).

    The problem happens when people do not realize they are being shallow.  They set up incrediblly difficult barriers and say "All I want is a Supermodel".

    The original poster's profile specifies 5'9" or taller.   That's the average height for the US.  So she has already thrown out half the US male population.  Thats OK.  But she also apparently wants someone at least in the top 10% wealth of the population.    (honestly, real wealth starts at 1%, but I am assuming she is not greedy).  So now she is looking for 5% of the population.

    But guess what, she's not the only one looking for that 5%.  Most women want men over 5'9" and most women want a wealthy husband.  This means that if you are a nice guy. 5'9" or taller, and wealthy than you are FAR more likely to be taken.  

    So what ends up happening is she ignores the nice, average, normal guys and waits around for the rich, tall men to ask her out and to also be single and pleasant.

    She isn't looking for a 'normal' guy.  She wants someone above average and has not yet realized it.  

    That is the problem.  I took me a long time to realize that I had high standards and that was what was keeping me single.   Nothing wrong with that - as long as you know that is what you are doing.

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    I am not sure what a "Hot Woman" is....but if the standard says Victoria Silvestedt I am in agreement. Beautiful woman (I've met a lot of them) are often more interesting because they've been around the world more often than not. No sane succesful man invites a 250 pound buffelo in a trip to the Amazon, Paris or anywhere. The assertion that beautiful women are dumb and boring is also untrue. Beautiful people suffer from insecurity (I did) and all the other ills of life anyone else does. To get a beautiful woman to undress and keep coming back takes confidence, performance and in some cases lots of money. I don't blame "beautiful" women to go after rich guys since being with most guys is a drag anyway they might as well enjoy the security. LOL

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    U have to be hot inside and outside thats the key
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    Some men are intimidated by a beautiful women.  They get nervous.  It is a lack of confidence on their part.
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    lol at normal guys part.. every guy is normal- yes some stare..some play around n some act like assholes bt thats probly a part of who they r. its easy to find bt sometimes we js tend to look at d wrong aspect. i do agree it might be a bit difficult 2 find a guy bcz most men go by what they trust me once they r willing 2 settle consider ur self lucky lol
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    It's your lucky day handsome, here I am
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    Fear of rejection! Saying to themself that she is way too hot for me no way would she like me.