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    So your potential match lives far away.  How many conversations before you take that first trip? Do you meet in the middle? Separate hotel rooms? Do you stay at their home or invite them into yours? How do you guarantee your safety? What if you realize early on that the fiction was better than the reality?  Are you afraid that they might be “interviewing other candidates?” Is there such a thing as a true connection with someone you’ve never met in person? As much as I want to be hopeful and open, these questions have been plaguing me since I started this journey.  How does everyone else feel?  

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    That’s wonderful! It makes me so happy to hear a story like that.  Thank you for sharing this!

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    My best friend met his wife on a dating app. I think it was just meant to be. They started out by doing a lot of facetime. She lived in Chicago, and he lives in Dallas. About a month or so after they had been talking, he took a flight to visit her. I was actually surprised he stayed at her house, but she has children and I guess they thought it would be better than him getting a hotel.


    He slept on the couch every time he went to visit her. After a few months, she flew to Dallas to meet his kids. Eventually, they decided to get married and she moved to Dallas. They have been so happy together. 


    I personally think you need to do a lot of talking and give it several weeks before you decide to meet. He pretty much knew right away that he wanted to be serious with her. I think she felt the same way.