Have you had a successful long distance relationship? Long Distance Relationship

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    Please tell me how it worked for you.

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    Long distance relationships do not work so well.

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    I met my exhusband online. 15 years ago. The era of the good, old email correspondence. No Skpe, of FB, or Wtsaap or FaceTime. It was love at first word. We corresponded for 9 months and came to know each other intimately through daily letters. Happily married for 14 years... the, life happened.

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    Not yet. Maybe? I started talking to a man from this site despite the fact he was across the country.  I would never normally do that but I was attracted to him and interested in him.  I have been in contact with him regularly, probably almost daily since we exchanged numbers in March but I have only physically seen him once. Its hard when you are really into a person and you can't physically hang out with them, well it is to me anyway. Maybe I am needier than most. Still hoping it works out and maybe he is to. This is my first time trying long distance. Good topic.

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    What if you're content with the distance?  I don't like relationships...but I love the one I have with him!  He loves me and I love him...but there is no judgement on either end.  

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    Mandi ,i join this site few weeks ago ,i was not sure about LDR for unknow reasons ,lots of Us men have been in touch with me ! and a fantastic thing happened to me ,i just receive a flight ticket for Miami to meet a great man !!!! so hey babe yes its possible fingers crossed now i hope it will work !!! i am leaving tomorrow keep faith ,we have to kiss many frogs to find a real man !!!!

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    Short answer: no. 


    It doesn't mean it can't happen, but so much has to happen.  Think of the word relationship. What's involved... Trust, respect, communication, listening, growth, development, caring, giving, and more. These things are strained at a distance. It's why MOST long distance relationships don't work out. 

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    Thanks everyone

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    Distance is not an issue; it's why planes were invented. And flights to see your loved one are the most exciting ones to take. Why limit yourself geographically? 

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    I wonder if it can work????,i am new to dating site and i am very attracted to date long distance but is it really happening,?fingers crossed xxxx

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    This is an interesting topic Mandiws I experienced that scenario many many years back,  it has potential to survive though dependant on what is involved at the time.

    In my case to share briefly, we found ourselves in similar personal situations in our lives, so there was that element of companionship that extended further than just a friendship  and this was great, because neither one of us could commit fully from an online relationship to a reality one.

    Everything was terrific until personal circumstances changed in one of our lives, all of a sudden she now found herself with a newfound freedom that she had not had before and that resulted in her life taking on a new direction,  a platonic friendship could have been possible still between us because we never had that real life intimacy, I could have lived with that, but she could not.

    So to conclude, long distance relationship eventually well whither unless- you find yourselves in similar situations that deem it not possible any other way, but circumstances eventually well change and that results finding yourselves where you have never been before.

    Personally I think if you have such a relationship that separates you by distance, then in the end one of you or both of you are going to have to come to terms if you want it to work, you either meet each other half way or one of you relocate to satisfy the needs of the other, those are a lot of personal things to weigh up. 

    I well say in the world of Hollywood where money is not an issue and they just travel the globe in their private jets LOL, you might find those long distance relationships have far greater survival rates.


    Hope others tune in here and share their perspective and possible experiences as it is a good topic you have opened.