From Russia with what? Long Distance Relationship

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    It is best you do not pay for her but rather visit and a few times to see what is going on. I say this from experience my father was from the Ukraine and I grew up knowing some of these scams that go on, so be very careful is all I can say to you. All relationships take time and there is nothing that can come out of rushed or arranged there is too many heart breaking stories to attest to this. Not all women from there are bad of course nor all men from the US or Canada wonderful or saviours either. Just be careful is all.

    Best of luck I hope you find what you are seeking.

    Merry christmas to everyone and all the best in the coming New Year-07
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    Hi, this sounds familier, I also have a lady in Russia who wants to visit me, does the name lucky19802006 or lady19802006 mean anything to you, i have a feeling we could be the victim of a scam!!! Best regards Priceandrew
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    I will agree with Alice!
    God, I could never understood this attitude to Russia and Russian women.
    So funny!
    Why are you that sure that Russian ladies need only green card and money from you? Why are you so sure that the most of them are poor?
    I will say that when you work for multinationals here in Moscow, you can get much more than in Europe and USA!

    My good friend has married an American guy and it happened that she was more wealthy than he;) Funny. He worked at top management position and she only owned an apartment in Moscow (now it costs like a little house in the USA..)

    I will say that our problem is our men. What to do with them? Really, lots of them do not care of family values, have some side stories when being married... Sometimes drink too much. I will say that this is the reason why Russian ladies would like to meet a gentleman from Europe and USA.

    And if to talk about buying tickets or arranging visa for your Russian girlfriends... If you are not sure, just ask for her passport information and order the ticket for her to pick it up in Moscow. In this way you will feel protected - if she wants to cheat you, she will hardly reply after it. And by the way, American tourist visa still can be issued for a single Russian lady, believe me. Normal people (and not only monsters:) are working at the American Embassy in Moscow.

    Best regards and good luck
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    That is the OLDEST SCAM in the books, the classic visa / plane tickets scam. It's virtually impossible for a single woman to get a tourist Visa.
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    There are NO legitimate offers...come on...this is 100% scam city...100% guaranteed! It is likeley a guy!
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    check her out on the scam sites.
    I have just had the same thing hapen to me when I serched to find wher she lived bells started to ring and ther she was all her photos that she sent and the same e-mails to 10 different people all her only love

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    I think... that if you think there's the possibility of a scam then regardless of any logistical concerns you don't have a solid enough foundation to bring her over here.

    As for the plane ticket you can prepay for a ticket that can not be cashed in, its either used by the passenger or lost. You may be able to cash it in as the purchaser after a certain amount of time... I just don't remember the rules.

    The visa is a different issue, consult with an attorney specializing in immigration. Get your own facts.
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    I see the fight is going on.. Interesting....Nothing can change the fact that many people meet on line every day and many of them are far from each other...What is the difference if you are both on the different ends of the line east-west or north-south?... Your nationality doesn't make you happy... The love can make you happy.. If a man is interested in a woman from the other country it is not the best thing to be a keyboard Romeo.... go and sniff the ground yourself...

    And talking about money... What do you care more about? About losing your money or breaking your heart? Better to be honest... Yes, when you become close to the woman and care about her
    sending her money, for example (by the way if you buy a ring for your sweetheart it cost some money too) and it occurred that she is not a lovely Natasha but Fat Yuri, that is VERY disappointing. The same thing when you meet the young beauty falling in love with you immediately and in 2 years, after you bring her in US, she is running away with a young macho, it is very disappointing too...

    But if you met a woman with whom you want to live the rest of your life? Is there the predjustice which prevents you to make the next step?

    There are more questions then the answers... I just wish all of you to be wise and listen to your heart and intuition... it always works...

    Good luck to all of you.
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    Angyson write:
    My Russian acquaintance, a dentist, said she is travel ling to Moscow to get her visa to come see me. She needs my full name, address and telephone number.
    The Russian babushkas I saw on television do not age well, no matter how beautiful they are. Any suggestions on what to do?

    To Angyson:

    As American Women seems to age soo much better then why won't you stick with them, or will they not have you?
    Then I suppose it's Babushkas for you honey!;))))

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    To Provocative Woman (and others too),

    I can see that you're trying not to take sides. However, you still conclude that you shouldn't go for Russian women because 'they're a pain in the butt'.

    If you do mean to insult us, then let me remind you that this is an international website i.e. it's not just for Americans, it's for everyone. We have to learn to live with one another and not start another Cold War on the web.

    There are as many gold diggers in the US as anywhere else. It's definitely not a good idea to generalise in this life and create a fear of other nations. There's enough bad energy on this planet as it is.
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    fitnfla write:
    how does one protect themselves from a scam. i hav a lady from russia who wants to come visit me. she wants me to pay for here vis and travel ticket. how do i know its for real and wont get scammed. what can i do to protect myself.


    yes i get them some times they send ya photos it is the same stuff man who is doing it and why
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    To India7:

    Its funny how one can call ALL Russian women a prostitutes.
    What country are from, love?
    Are all women in your country as ignorant as you are?
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    Lots of loses coming to Russia looking for an adventure and cheap sex!
    Some of them did not have girlfriends in 5-10 years. They should be greatful
    for the poor countries like Russia and Thailand.
    They should be so lucky to have a woman at all.
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    Hello you are right about what you wrote.
    I have had a few relationships with girls from Eastern Europe but not met the right one though i thought i had.
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    Do not send her money she cannot visit you she will not get a tourist visa.
    If she is serious go out to Russia to meet her
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    You have right!
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    are we talking about SCAM or WOMEN?

    From angry comments it comes that Russian women=SCAM. And the other conclusion - Americans are good, Russians are bad.

    Americans are wealthy, Russians are poor.

    Americans are naive and Russians are sneaky.

    American woman seeks for family life - Russian woman seeks for a Green Card and money.

    Let me tell you the truth. Stories are different.

    Yes, it is more expensive to have a Russian wife than an American one for average guy. Costs of tickets and documents, English courses, dentists for her, new car and so on. All of men realize that on first stages of these relationships. But they spend money and bring a new wife, hoping for better life. It is not so clever to say that all those men are loosers or silly and all women are gold diggers.

    If you want an easy way - no doubts, look for American wife. If you want a pain in a butt - look for a Russian wife. I dont talk here about scammers.
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    Don,t pay for her. Better if you like her, to visit in Russia. At least you can see, really who,s the lady.
    I know a lot of stories from usa men which was used by these russians.
    Good luck !
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    Hi all,

    Wow. People like to make a lot of assumptions. All I can tell you is my experience. I married Natalya in Russia and then the terrorist attacks of 9/11 hit delaying visa processes. The problem is that in the beginning, it was a big scam. She told me later that if she came to me the guy she is currently with would try to have her or I killed if she did not divorce me and then bring him here later. That is fact.

    Because we both have young children involved, the children are the only reason that more activity is not going on (i.e. to protect the children's interests).

    She told me that she would not be afraid if she knew I would kill him if he came here.

    That is the extreme of what I personally was/am involved in.

    I still have visas open and pending in the event she is brave enough to meet me in Moscow. Last I heard from her, she is not happy and thinks nothing can be done now.

    Before I married Natalya, I wanted to marry someone from Russia to be kind and share the love I had within, and so I did not have to deal with the father of my wife's child. To have that all ripped away as a scam, well you can imagine how angry I am. What Russian people do is wrong!

    I also have no problem developing relations with ladies wherever I may be, so those of you that would take the short path to insulting anyone that looks outside the USA should consider there are advantages (i.e. younger age potential, old fashioned ethics, and not having to deal with their family or ex-husbands). When you bring a woman over, if things were perfect, you can be the parent the child knows as their life long parent. A key motivator for me.

    Personally, due to a very bad first marriage with a feminist, I chose to have a vasectomy and not to degrade my life by spawning children to and fro with the intent of adopting or marrying someone with a child later. I'm a great guy with a heart the size of Texas, but I would still advise based on what I know to avoid Russia.

    Stay in the USA.
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    Hi, I'm from Romania. First of all please excuse my english.
    Let me explain how a poor girl from an east european country will think:

    Let's see a nice website with rich people, how can I get one. And sorry, what did you expect when you posted on a site that ask you your income to find the women of your dreams? You can buy a wife from russia :). She can be beautiful (To be honest, I have travelled a lot and I have to say that the most intersting women are in France, the most comercial women are in Italy and if you want to find a true beauty try Eastern Europe), she might be very good in bed, a good cooking also, but she didn't contact you for your soul. If you want to meet her go there, it's a nice place to visit, and don't belive all you see at tv. For example I was this summer in Bulgaria. I've heard at tv that they will steal your car and your money, that it is a bad country, and guess what: I've stayed at a 5 star hotel near the Black Sea, had everything, nice people, good food and all that you can dream - the price? 500 $ for 5 days. (Including food and all I've spend).

    So, she wants to meet you? Make a trip, if you won't like her I can assure you that you'll find a nice lady there, but don't act like you have a lot of money. Good luck.