A mans point of view!! Long Distance Relationship

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    I basically got rejected by a woman and im the type that wishes the woman good luck and hope you find what you are looking for. But when you come with arguments that wouldnt even float in the salty sea... Enough said this was my response to her.


    "Im 6 years younger than you.  I would without a doubt respect your opinion if this was the 80's or 90's. But today mid 2017 I believe that you're a bit mistaken. If you prefer older men I wouldnt argue one sec. But for you to say im to young. Im sorry I dont believe it. When it comes to your second statement the fact that we are far apart. I joined this online site at the chance of finding someone who I believe is meant for me. Im old school and prefer IRL meetings. Where you only get one chance to impress a woman. But I made a promise that I would give this a chance and I believe that distance isn't an issue. For your info I have a sister that lives in the states and I go there on a regular basis. But if you believe that for one sec that distance isnt worth overcoming in due time then you might be older than me but not wiser. Maybe its excuses you are using to shield yourself or maybe its the simple fact that you just dont find me attractive. Either way atleast be honest and say so."

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    Spreading relevant information on age difference is important for me.. But im guessing if it was the other way around older man/younger woman that response wouldnt have been the same.. 2017 get with it..