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    I believe very strongly in my Tarot cards. and I can tell you that all of my friend come to me to read the cards for them. the Tarot are a very Strong energy. so I turn to them only when i relay need answers. and they have never failed me yet. I was very young when I learned how to read the cards so I am a professional now. so if you become my friend I promise to give you a reading. I do it for all my Friends.
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    I have my private set of cards that picked me. Then I have a few sets that are for others.

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    I also have same gift and i also do tarrot cards :)

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    I also believe very strongly in the Tarot. They have always been right and have provided some very insightful guidance. I used to have a deck, but my aunt used to compalin that htey were 'of the devil' and 'evil' *sighs and shakes head* That irks me that people have a misconception of the cards. They do not tell you what your fture will be because it is not always set in stone...Rather, they provide insight and guidance into how a situation can or will go if you keep doing what you are doing or what can happen if you do things differently. they can also point out some spots one needs to work on.

    Anyways, I had to get rid of my cards and was not able to get a new deck sinc ethen. I am hoping to get a deck soemtime soon, but I would have to go to another town an hour away to even find any.

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    Hi Shirley,
    I myself have been reading tarot card's for 20 something yrs. It is amazing to me still after all these year's of doing reading's I alway's see something on the card or card's that I've never seen before. I also read people's aura's. I also can see spirits that have not crossed over. In fact I had one at my home, everything was fine until he started touching me. So I had to send him to the white light. Would love to chat with you more if you don't mind? I could also use a reading. My name is Katherine
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    I have the same "gift" and fortunately have helped many friends and strangers alike. Its something you are born to do. I have never felt I needed to accept money for helping a person. I'm happy to see that there is slightly more acceptance of this. The line that kills me everytime is, "If your so psychic, then what are the lotto numbers"? If I knew that...I'd win the lotto myself!
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    lol...good i need all the guidance i can get!!!!lol
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    TNS, are you a professional reader?
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    Hi Shirley ..

    I don't think there is anything wrong with reading Tarot cards, and in fact the more a person handles them and tries to use their intuition, the more easily the symbols can help one to see things in life that may be evoked by them.

    While tarot cards appeared sometime in the 1500's in Italy as a game, in the late 20th century, Tarot was widely adopted by various New Age enthusiasts, neo-Pagans, and of course, fortune-tellers, as well as people who were simply interested in using the deck for self-exploration without any spiritual or mystical motivation.

    It was again redefined, largely in the terms of Jungian psychology, but with borrowings from the earlier occultists and from Waite. This development was greatly facilitated by Waite's mystical Tarot deck, whose trumps and pips had been redesigned in a manner consistent with such usage. His deck served as a model for hundreds of derivative decks.

    The new element, characteristic of contemporary Tarot, is the belief that naive intuition and free association will reveal universal archetypes from the unconscious mind. This liberates Tarot enthusiasts from having to learn complex systems of correspondence, and having to choose between the competing systems.

    In addition to fortune telling, modern Tarot applications include soul-searching exercises and meditation for personal growth, and as a randomized input for free association and brainstorming techniques. Not surprisingly, they have even been used by some psychologists in a therapeutic context.

    In the contemporary approach one can validate any intuition one might posit about what are seen as archetypal subjects. Waite's authority for his design was personal insight and the history of Christian mysticism, whereas the contemporary Tarotist is likely to cite Jung and neo-Jungian psychologists.

    I say keep practising and do readings for your friends, because you will only get better and better at developing your intuition. Blessings!

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