is anyone practicing the law of attraction here? ;) Lifestyle

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    I am excited about new book
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    Yeah I've been doing it since I was a kid and didn't know it had a name.

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    I am trying to start practicing it again.
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    I agree with your view. I read the book "The Matrix" it is very good. We do receive what we focus on . Unfortunately many people always focus on the negative an dthen are surprised that it becomes their reality
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    yep .. works for me too. 

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    I really love the thoughts and that thoughts are what you then make out of you, the biggest part is to let flow the thoughts or simply have them once a day and let them again flow
    I appreciate it
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    Yes, it does work. If we accept the premise that the conscious thinking portion of the mind is little more than the product of a socioculturally programmed framework, the average person is only capable of thinking within certain pre-programmed boundaries. As thought leads to action, the average person cannot act in a manner not allow by their programming until such time as the programming loses its hold over the mind. It follows that to most people certain actions within this programming will for all practical purposes seem impossible.

    When this programming barrier is overcome or seen for what it is, an entirely mental and illusionary constructn which serves to define a barrier between possible and impossible action it can be bypassed with relative ease.

    There is little doubt that we are on the verge of a new understanding of consciousness. There is a great deal of information available to help in waking up your mind. In my humble opinion daily meditation is a great way to start.

    The bottom line is that a person can alter their life by altering their attitude. We tend to create that which we focus on, when you choose you preception you create your future.

    As a side note I would suggest that a person rent the movie 'The Matrix' in order to understand some of these concepts.
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    Yes, I have been for about a year now. My friends make fun of me, but I always get a close parking spot....yes it works on parking spots too. ;o.)
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    Yes, Blondie

    it really works great!...I have come to include those principles in my everyday prayer and meditation routine...with affirmations and visualizations and goal of the great things about meditation, as it applies to the law of attraction, is that, after you quiet the mind with meditation, it seems much more receptive to the powerful application of the techniques of the secret...In fact, with the Transcendental Meditation  Siddhi Program, they do exactly that, they start with meditation and then introduce special keywords thus invoking the law of attraction in their practice...a very ancient practice going back 5000 yearsI would like to share this meditation lesson for you and others that might be interested to learn...and here it is


    it is really quite hocus pocus...

    and you can develop your own personal mantra and style

    you want to meditate so that you can enjoy the peaceful serenity that comes from it...thereby dissolving the stress of life...there are other benefits too but that is the immediate one and the one that keeps meditators to continue doing so...

    all the mantra repetition to develop a vortex of that particular vibration...through repetition...that vibration overtakes all the other vibrations that are linked to the thoughts and emotions that you are entertaining at the time...thus diminishing them...just enough so as to enjoy the feeling of peaceful bliss that comes from being able to quiet the mind like this...

    now. as for the mantra...why not use mantras from Sanskrit...which is said to be the spiritual language...the world's oldest known language...10,000 years old...

    also...repetition creates a staccato which forms a beat...if you will...

    and add to that...if you want to apply the mantra to a simple tune of musical notes...sort of like a lullaby which rocks your mind to sleep...if you will...

    so, ...these are the simple principles for effective meditation pick a mantra...some Sanskrit syllables...which hold no particular meaning, but are recommended are...

    with just these three can build for yourself...your own personal mantra...perhaps of 5 syllables...

    for example......

    see how that fits...

    so repeat...pause a second...repeat...pause a second...etc etc

    make a simple tune with it...your very own personal mantra!

    as for how long and when to do it

    probably first thing in the morning for 5 minutes...and then anytime you need to break down some stress during the rest of the day

    good luck 


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    It certainly does work, it's worked for me in the past and I know it will work for me in the future. Your mind is a powerful tool and should never be underestimated..

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    lol that documentary is really on the move in europe =) I've seen it, and I'm from Sweden, and I know a lot of people who have seen it actually.
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    Yes Blondie,

    It's very real. Regarding this site, I have no doubt that I will find the mate that I'm looking for. I don't know if it will be here or somewhere else. I just put it out there and it comes to me. I've practiced the secret my whole life before there was a name for it. The Secret team has helped me understand what was going on and my manifestations have increased since I've been exposed to it. I'm amazed but not surprised at the good that comes to me each day.
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    I meant how is it working applied to finding someone here on this site? is it working? speaking about me, I think it's getting into habit not really finding someone and build relationships, looks like it's just a bad habit of windowshopping with secret hope, what if ?
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    I have been for a while now.