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    Mr. robotics...I am sorry to hear of your experiences with some in alternative medicine. Even physicians call it a "practice". Most doctors take only 6 certified credits in education about medicines as most refer to the Physicains Desk Reference to look for contraindications before wriing their scripts. They also enjoy the instant insurance precertication deemed as medication maintenance to get proper insurance reimbursements from insurance companies just to maintain a patient's meds as justification for payments and continuity of care. I suggest next time you have a toothache try some clove oil and reply about the effects. Yes there are some wackos out there maing a lot of money but in it for the wrnong reasons connected to herbal remedies. The FDA is attempting to gain more control on herbal remedies but only from the powerful lobbying of the pharmaceutical companies which pay for reseach perks with the FDA to push their medicines through Vioxx until it is too late as the monies are not there to fully reseach a medication as more that 99.99% safe.
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    I once went to a chiropracter on the advice of a dentist to help me get rid of some jaw pain.

    I went into his office and to a little room, it was actually kind of shabby. He came in and I lay down. He sat at my head, then he gave my head a snap I guess to snap my spine like a whip.

    I sat up and said there would be no more of that. I told him that sort of thing could cause trouble, not cure it.

    He got angry and told me that it could. He said it was like cracking your knuckles. I don't think cracking your knuckles can cure anything. It might relieve some stress if the person has the habit of cracking his knuckles, but it is better to stop the habit.

    You can't cure diseases by spinal adjustments. If your spine needs an adjustment go to a bone doctor who can do the proper procedures.

    Out in his waiting room there were people who I considered had psychological problems and one woman was kind of making a scene.

    I decided that his "patients" had to believe in him and his practice to even go to him or any other chiropracter.

    I have had no experience with acupuncture or herbal treatment but from what I read about them they are not convincing at all. I don't think they do any good at all.

    Blood and lymph and nerve currents flow through our bodies but there is no energy flow that can be started or stopped or diverted in any manner by acupuncture. You can't cure a headache with a pin in your toe unless it might be a needle full of painkiller.

    Herbal treatments are all hogwash. I agree that pharmaceutical companies do research on some natural drugs and sometimes they find something that will work but folk herbal treatments are hogwash. The only good thing is they probably may not do any harm but they might even do some harm at that by the person ommiting the proper treatment.

    If you need medical treatment go to a regular trained physician. Even they don't know all the answers, they are not gods, even though some of them seem to think so.

    Modern medicine including modern dentistry is so good it is almost miraculous, but it is still not a miracle. It is just good science.
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    To quote a new favourite saying of mine, "Opinions are like a**holes, everyone's got one". It's so true!

    What gets me is how many people have opinions on subjects they have absolutely no exposure or experience with, but are adamant nevertheless. I am always willing to listen to someone with more experience than I, but tune out those who are just expounding their "opinions".

    Many pharmaceutical drugs are based on natural plant materials, and I've personally tried acupuncture and the results have been quite astounding and successful. I have been going for shiatsu every week for years, and know my body feels better than it ever has. I went to a chiro for 12 years every 2 weeks, and it never improved, and I was still in pain within one week. I no longer have chronic back pain since the shiatsu, in fact it makes your body heal itself and be markedly stronger. I will always search for alternative methods before resorting to surgery or man-made medication.

    A major hospital in Vancouver has been using a combination of alternative treatments along with surgery, and the recovery times and blood loss have been significantly reduced. East meets West is a good thing.

    Hey, but that's just my opinion.
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    I agree with you completely about herbal treatments and acupunture procedures. Having experienced both and being witness to many ...there are forms of Alternative medicine that do work.
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    Robotics can you make judgements in areas that you have not explored. I have worked in the field of medicine and studied for over twenty years and have been witness to people being treated with non-invasive forms of treatments foregoing unnecessary surgeries and relief from pain or discomfort. I suggest you give it a scientic research based prospective before dismissing alternative medicine. As for the rhino horn aphrodesiac beliefs, there are cultural beliefs of some that can not be used to utilize "all or nothing thinking" to every other alternative treatment.
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    In response to robotics' comments...Chiropractical procedures, herbal treatments are moving fast as to why are so many pharmaceutical companies jumping on it!. Acupuncture is even accepted by some insurance companies. You are enitled to your opinion about astrology and the metaphysical realm but I suggest you research topics before dismissing everything about them.
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    robotic123_74 write:
    Astrology and the metaphysical is all hogwash and nonsense. So is chiropractic "medicine" along with acupuncture and herb treatments.These are just a few of the dumb,ignorant alternative treatments people go for.

    I guess if you are desparate and you have tried everything else it doesn't hurt to try them. They don't hurt you as far as I know, the difficulty is they don't do any good.

    Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra as well as a p*enis pump work for some men but finely ground up rhinoceras horn doesn't do any good as far as I know, it doesn't make you horney, though I personally haven't tried it.

    On what do you base your statement about chiropractic medicine, acupuncture and herbal treatments? Have you tried them and they haven't worked? I am sure you wouldn't have such definite opinions if you had not tried these methods - after all that is what an intelligent, informed decision is about, right?