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    Physical events occur as a result of individual beliefs, desires, and intents!

    Ruburt and Joseph have recently
    purchased a color television set, so now their television world is no longer in black and white.
    I have used television as an analogy at various times, and I would like to do so again, to show the ways in which physical events are formed, and to try to describe the many methods used
    by individuals in choosing those particular events that will be personally encountered. Not only
    does television actually serve as a mass means of communal meditation, but it also presents you with highly detailed, manufactured dreams, in which each viewer shares to some extent.
    We will use some distinctions here, and so I am going to introduce the terms "Framework 1" and "Framework 2," to make my discussion clear. We will call the world as you physically
    experience it, Framework1.
    In Framework 1, you watch television programs, for example. You have your choice of many channels. You have favorite programs. You follow certain scenes or actors. You watch all of
    these dramas, hardly understanding how it is that they appear on your screen to begin with.
    You are certain, however, that if you do buy a television set it will perform in an adequate fashion, whether or not you are familiar with electronics. Period. You switch from channel to
    channel with predictable results. The programming for Channel 9, for example, does not suddenly intrude on Channel 6. Even the actors themselves, taking part in such sagas, have but the remotest idea of the events that are involved in order that their own images will appear
    on your television screen. Their jobs are to act, taking it for granted that the technicians are following through. Now somewhere there is a program director, who must take care of the
    entire programming. Shows must be done on time, actors assigned their roles. Our hypothetical director will know which actors are free, which actors prefer character roles, which ones are heroes or heroines, and which smiling Don Juan always gets the girl and in general, who plays the good guys and the bad.
    There is no need in my outlining in detail the multitudinous events that must occur so that you can watch your favorite program. You flip the switch and there it is, while all of that background work is unknown to you. You take it for granted. Your job is simply to choose the programs of your choice on any evening. Many others are watching the same programs, of course, yet each person will react quite individually.
    Now for a moment let us imagine that physical events occur in the same fashion that you choose those which flash upon the screen of your experience. You are quite familiar with
    the events of your own life, for you are of course your own main hero or heroine, villain or victim, or whatever. As you do not know what happens in the television studio before you observe a program, however, so you do not know what happens in the creative framework of reality before you experience physical events.
    We will call that vast "unconscious" mental and universal studio Framework 2. In this book I will try to tell you what goes on behind the scenes - to show you the ways in which you choose
    your daily physical programs, and to describe how those personal choices mix and merge to form a mass reality. For now, we will go back to television again. You can turn off a program
    that offends you. You can choose to buy or not buy a product whose virtues are being praised.
    Television presents you with a mirror of your society. It reflects and re-reflects through millions of homes the giant dreams and fears, the hopes and terrors of events in the most private individual. Television interacts with your lives, but it does not cause your lives. It does not cause the events that it depicts. With your great belief in technology, it often seems to many people that television causes violence, for example, or that it causes a
    love of over materialism, or that it causes "loose morals." Television reflects.
    In a manner of speaking it does not even distort, though it may reflect distortions. The writers and actors of television dramas are attuned to the "mass mind." They are not leaders or followers. They are creative reflectors, acutely aware of the overall, generalized emotional
    and psychic patterns of the age. They also make choices as to which plays they will take part in. [Each has his or her] own favorite kind of role, even if the role be that of a maverick. To
    the actors, of course, their roles become strong parts of their personal experiences, while those who observe the plays take part largely as observers. You are aware through your
    newspapers and magazines of the dramas, news broadcasts, or other programs that are presently being offered. In the same way you are aware, generally speaking, of the "programs" being physically presented in your own nation and throughout the world. You decide which of these adventures you want to take part in and those you will experience in normal life, or in Framework 1. The inner mechanisms that happen prior to your experience will take place in the vast mental studio of Framework 2.
    There, all the details will be arranged, the seemingly chance encounters, for example, the
    unexplained coincidences that might have to occur before a given physical event takes place.
    On a conscious level, and with your conscious reserves alone, you could not keep your body alive an hour. You would not know how to do it, for your life flows through you automatically
    and spontaneously. You take the details for granted the breathing, the inner mechanisms of nourishment and elimination, the circulation, and the maintenance of your psychological
    continuity. All of that is taken care of for you in what I have termed Framework 2. In that regard, certainly, everything works to your advantage. Indeed, often the more concerned you become with your body the less smoothly it functions.
    In the spontaneity of your body's operation there is obviously a fine sense of order. When you turn on a television set the picture seems to come out of nowhere onto the screen yet that picture is the result of order precisely focused. Actors visit casting agencies so that they know what plays need their services.
    In your dreams you visit "casting agencies." You are aware of the various plays being considered for physical production. In the dream state, then, often you familiarize yourself with dramas that are of a probable nature. If enough interest is shown, if enough actors apply, if enough resources are accumulated, the play will go on.
    When you are in other than your normally conscious state, you visit that creative inner agency in which all physical productions must have their beginning. You meet with others,
    who for their own reasons are interested in the same kind of drama. Following our analogy, the technicians, the actors, the writers all assemble only in this case the result will be a live event rather than a televised one.
    There are disaster films being planned educational programs, religious dramas. All of these will be encountered in full blown physical reality. Such events occur as a result of individual beliefs, desires, and intents.
    There is no such thing as a chance encounter. No death occurs by chance, nor any birth. In the creative atmosphere of Framework 2, intents are known. In a manner of speaking, no act
    is private. Your communication systems bring to your living room notices of events that occur throughout the world. Yet that larger inner system of communications is far more powerful in
    scope, and each mental act is imprinted in the multidimensional screen of Framework 2.
    That screen is available to all, and in other levels of consciousness, particularly in the sleep and dreaming stages, the events of that inner reality are as ever present and easily
    accessible as physical events are when you are awake.
    It is as if Framework 2 contains an infinite information service, that instantly puts you in contact with whatever knowledge you require, that sets up circuits between you and others, that computes probabilities with blinding speed. Not with the impersonality of a computer, however, but with a loving intent that has your best purposes in mind yours and also those of each other individual.
    You cannot gain what you want at someone else's detriment, then. You
    cannot use Framework 2 to force an event upon another person. Certain
    prerequisites must be met, you see, before a desired end can become
    physically experienced.

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    In my attempt to follow where you are going with this, hopefully I am not far off the trail here. When I think of t.v. I think "flatline'.  Alpha waves are brainwaves between 8 to 12 HZ. and are commonly associated with relaxed meditative states as well as brain states associated with suggestibility.  While Alpha waves achieved through meditation are beneficial (they promote relaxation and insight), too much time spent in the low Alpha wave state caused by TV can cause unfocussed daydreaming and inability to concentrate. Researchers have said that watching television is similar to staring at a blank wall for several hours!!! 
    I think back to my days while going through Pharmacy School.  To help me memorize the countless trade to generic drugs everynight I went to bed with my headphones and tape player continuously reciting the trade and generic drugs--while I slept. This worked. Same when i took Spanish in college. It boosts your memorization 10 fold all while you are sleeping!!!
    I, myself, rarely watch t.v. While raising my 2 daughters, I rarely allowed them to watch t.v. and never let them fall asleep to the radio, ever.  It is our sleep that we are quite suggestive and what is heard during sleep is being stored somewhere. T.v. in my opinion is a form of mind control. The subliminal messages are riddled throughout television.
    Take for example an experiment done on a remote tribe who had never seen t.v. or anything else from our modern world.  Before putting the tribe in front of the t.v. for the first time they were hooked up to electrodes to measure their brain waves. Results are astounding.  At the very start of the t.v. viewing brains were active; yet, less than 5 minutes later, flatlined!!  When a child is put in front of the t.v. the frontal lobes in the brain has very little activity. If you take that same child and read a picture book with the child the activity picks up in the brain. Wow.
    Not sure if this is along the same lines as to what you are presenting using the models framework 1 and framework 2. Either way, there is a reason our children are far under what used to be within our schools, low test scores etc. I believe dumbing down America; not to mention numbing people out as well. What a side track from one of the most beautiful things we can experience in our world--nature. People are one with their cell phones, t.v.s, computers--and not tuned into what really matters--the world we live in and the state of affairs. Cut the umbilical cords from the cell phone and look around. I raised my girls to always be aware of what is going on around them while in public by themselves or not,  as a safety mechanism. AWARENESS was the first line of defense I taught my kids and I actually would follow them, unbenounst to them to see if while waiting at the bus stop or alone walking home if at any point they stopped to get involved in text messageing, not paying attention to what is going on around them. I did not allow this. May sound extreme, but, on a day my daughter was sick and home from school, her best friend was by herself walking home from school, stopped to text her friends and was so involved that she never saw the man come from behind her--that was the last time she was seen--gone, abducted. As a teenager, one of my daughter's came running into the house after school one day, panicked and scared. She was being followed by a pick-up truck and at one point the man stopped and got out of his truck. She ran to a strangers house and alerted the homeowner and the man sped off. When she got home she detailed the truck all the way down to the lisence plate. They found him. She was aware and I was proud of her. Could have been a much different outcome. Sidetrack, mind control, and dumbing down America is really what t.v and every other side track device does. Awareness is something of the past for some and ask someone for a phone number and they have to get their phone--instead of from memory. Ask someone about the latest reality t.v. show and they will tell you almost word for word the entire show. People pay more attention to the life of someone on t.v. then their own life taking away from the root of our existence. How sad.
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    We can choose to create heaven or hell. As an artist/photographer, I like to juxtipose images so that the viewer can see decisions that have been made and decisions that can be made.

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    Just want to add one of my favorite quotes that I have read that supports the topic . . . .

    "Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change."

    Because we actually create the physical world of form by the way we see the world. When we (humans) start grasping that fact and stop blaming and pointing fingers, there will be huge changes.