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    That Tsunami was like the worst thing that's ever happened. Some preachers say that God is warning us that time is almost over for man's rule over the earth. Anyone got an opinion on this? Just curious
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    Maybe "the end of times" will come when we stop speculating, fearing and believing in it...maybe all the speculations thruout times have kept us running to the next chapter...the fear of that we might not exist tomorrow is a kind of seize-life, seize the moment kind of a psychological life-drive i guess...just a thought...

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    Quoting author:

    End times prophecy is my passion. I dont know where to start!!!!.

    Hello :) 

      It's nice  to see that someone has visited this thread other than me!  I am the last post where it says user is not available. My acct. here got hacked and when I notified MM, they immediately deleted my profile :(  So threads that I have started (elsewhere in the forum) appear not to have come from me. I started a new acct and changed my username slightly. Enough about that!

    I have to ask you something. I would like to see some posts about this topic but I wanted to ask you if you prefer to get into it on here or would u consider a different site? I ask because if I put work & my time into it, a different site may be better. This site needs to approve and delays all my posts for approx a day. They also make it more difficult to copy and paste and I cannot copy & paste posts from others on here, I like to save what I consider important info and sometimes share it with people somewhere else and it isn't possible to do it here.

     Another site I'm on shows all the previous posts easily but it is a singles site and you may get a lot of interference from non-believers. In my opinion, it doesn't add to it but makes it a pain sometimes.  I could check out a couple sites that actually prefer this type of info and look for a forum.  I just feel that when more like-minded posters are involved, the better the thread!

    My name is Jenny, nice to meet you :) Just let me know what you think, okay?
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    End times prophecy is my passion. I dont know where to start!!!!.
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    I See this thread was created 1/5/05 - Many Global occurences since then; most recently mothly Earthquakes, volcanoe in Iceland etc.

    Makes 1 Wonder
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    Exactly what part of astronomy would you define as BS?

    If you want "good science" as it relates to calculating the number of stars in the "observable" universe,

    Cornell University and NASA both are excellent resources for further information in this regard.

    Astronomy is in fact, a science, (def.)a branch of knowledge dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws.

    And whereas the knowledge we have gained regarding astronomy over the last 30 years has exponentially expanded, the fact is, very little of what we learned 30, 40 or even 50 years ago has proven to be in error.

    Care to cite a few examples supporting your supposition that what we knew 30 years ago was BS?

    If memory serves me correctly, and until you can discuss the role that the Hubble constant, the Doppler effect, the Stefan-Boltzmann Law, the Parallax effect, Cepheid variables, quasars, and other factors play in determining the size and age of the universe (a prerequisite to calculating the number of stars in the "observable" universe), perhaps your role in this discussion should be defined as the wannabe "bad boy" in the "dumb and dumber" corner?

    Of course, fair is fair, after reading your profile, and in defense of your statement, I am inclined to state that if anyone would know BS, it might very well be you.
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    There is nothing that I would term "good science" that backs up the estimate that there are more stars than grains of sand on the earth. A lot of astronomy is pure bs. This is readily apparent just by comparing what was thought to be known 30 years ago to today. There was a lot of BS 30 years ago and it stands to reason, a lot of it still is.
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    Just to commend you for your eloquent and formidable insight into spiritual belief of a higher order, one that need not be denominated or restricted to any particular sect or religion.

    I am not a fan of organised religion and yet I cannot claim to be an atheist or an agnostic, hence I fall within this gray area of the un-organised believer that there must be some omnipotent power beyond human understanding which has made this inexplicable world quite extrarodinary.

    The birth of a baby conceived from a little fertilized egg, is itself the most incredible miracle which Science could only partially explain it to limited minds.

    The destiny of our own lives and where we go after death remain a mystery till we find out when we meet our Maker if he is there at all.

    I hail from the East, a world of mysticism, paganism, shamanism and all the myriad 'isms' which still dwell in various communities. The Christian concept of God, to me was always related to the White man on the cross, another addition to the whole gamut of deities placed on the altar for worship. One of the many Gods that claim to rule the earth. Except the Chinese Taoists and Hindus had lots of them , a sort of division of labour when it comes to Heaven as a kingdom.

    So religion featured very much like a Disneyland of Heaven when I was growing up in a multi-religious and multi-racial country. NO one has the exclusive rule of the place but we could sure enjoy all the rides.

    And here I am still enjoying the wonders of all these religious beliefs like those Disney rides. It sure gives me great lifts when I am down and hope when I am lost.
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    I think you made your point rather eloquently, and in fact I did not mean to narrow it down.

    Like you, I ponder on the extraordinary, such as whether rocks can talk, they can certainly move, albeit in a time frame that is inconspicuous to most.

    I am of the believe that GOD quite possibly is the sum total consciousness of all that was, is, and ever will be....

    Human paradigms are often short sighted, biased, and ill informed.

    I would never attempt to define, quantify, or otherwise qualify him, for me, it is enough to know that he just, is.

    Thank you for your thoughts btw.
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    OK Orion .. Perhaps I should rephrase what I wrote.

    Life is such an incredible mystery, so unbelievable in every way. I mean who could ever have conceived it .. the detail of it .. the myriad forms of it? It is hard to imagine that it is the work of one great mastermind to me, rather than an intricate and interrelated web of existence that has somehow formed out of "life's longing for itself".

    I don't mean to argue with theists about the existence of God. Many fine people have told me that they have an intimate relationship with this entity. I can't and won't deny them. However, it is a personal view that one ends up with. One can read every treatise on the subject and come away realizing that just about each living human being has a different variant on the concept.

    I am so in awe of the mystery that there isn't a day that passes that I don't dwell upon the awesomeness of the idea. I'm just not inclined to commit to something that Man has come up with in order for him to cope with existence, because as you say "it's not all about humans".

    Does the tree in the field have an awareness like mine, or is it different? I am one who will remain undecided and will distance myself from dogma, leaving my mind wide open to receive such intelligence from the universe itself. I believe that if we can quiet our minds sufficiently, and refrain from 'beliefs' that are passed to us from others, it is possible to subliminally absorb the meaning of life from the benevolent universe itself.

    Forgive me if I offend with my views. But my vision and senses are all that I have with which to determine this life in which I find myself. I do not claim to be right .. only seeking.

    Namaste ..
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    I'd like to expand on the "parts of a clock" analogy....

    My personal belief in a "GOD" is based on the knowledge that there are more known stars in our universe, than there are grains of sand on all the beaches, in all the world.

    Think about that for a second.

    Then ponder that light travels at approximately a million miles every 6 seconds, thus the distance it travels in a full year, at that speed, is known as a light-year.
    Now consider that the average distance between all those stars is 3.4 light years, and the latest measurements place the Universe at approx. 156,000,000,000 light years across.

    Now, if you put evolution on a time line, with the "Big Bang" as the first milli-second of the first day, unicellular organisms would have appeared sometime near the end of January, with the dinosaurs arriving in the beginning of May. They finally disappear for good sometime in the middle of October.
    Man on the other hand, shows up for the first time on this infintesimal blue speck in the cosmos, less than a second before midnite on the 31st day of December...

    To think that the earth and the creatures that evolved here, including the human species, are GOD's sole creation, is egocentric and without merit.

    My personal belief is that there is a GOD, but that it isn't all about "humans".

    I dare say, I imagine HE often looks down here and says to himself as he exits, "What on earth have I done down there!?"

    And yes, I have irrefutable proof that GOD is a man, for surely if he were female, men would have babies!

    Live, love and laugh... when we die, we all go to the same place. Whether it's an eternal darkness or an altered existence, we can only imagine.

    I personally believe that at the moment we cross over, everyone finds themselves in the presence of the Almighty, and in that moment of complete spiritual nakedness and subsequent humility, all of our earthly transgressions are "examined".

    Therein lies the reckoning.


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    I have a little more to add on the subject, which is that I believe that everything in this universe is exquisitely alive, and that includes the planets and stars themselves. Matter cannot be created or destroyed. Isn't it possible that planets and stars are living entities as well. Couldn't it be possible that the earth itself feels the undue pressure of mankind .. and groans and shifts under that pressure. It is just a sweet thing to think of our precious blue planet as a living being .. as our true mother .. though I am fully cognizant of the geological and atmospheric workings that actually create all the volcanic actions, earthquakes, and tsunamis. If we could all respect Mother Earth more and not treat her in such a despicable way, perhaps she would not need to groan and shake us off 'like fleas off a dog's back'. Carl Sagan reckoned the chances of us ruining our own planet are very high.

    Humanity has had beliefs in the "end of the world" story since recorded history. Such fantasies rev up particularly during millenium years. In the year 1000, history tells us that all sorts of people came out to witness the end of the world (mainly Christian dogma), and again in 2000 you may remember a whole lot of the "end of the worlders" coming out and looking pretty silly while they waited for doom to come. The fact is that it is an unknowable thing. We know that the world will end sometime, because the planet will cool after the molten core makes its way out to the surface, and as the planet gets thrown further and further out from the center in the Milky Way. Global warming, holes in the ozone, overpopulation, disease, famine, draught, and being overwhelmed by viruses or other enemies will happen. Al Gore's movie puts it all in perspective. What can we do? We can love each other if we are lovable. We can tend to our earth, our atmosphere, our plants, and our children. WE are responsible for what happens to us. The rest is unknowable.
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    This posting has generated a lot of response from both theists and athiests alike. I cannot be a theist, since history shows that mankind has changed his mind about God since the beginning of recorded time. First is was the Sun, the Moon, the Tides .. then it was Thor, Woden and a score of others .. then came the Greek Gods, then the Roman Gods .. and it was during the Roman times that Jesus (a Jew) appeared in Israel .. when the Jewish people believed they were the 'chosen ones' of God. The Romans were responsible for taking Christianity to Rome. Later on, in the middle east, descendants of Abraham's sister produced Mohammed, and another religion was born. Most people know the story of Siddharta and the arrival of the concept of Buddhahood. All of these ideas and religions have been created by man. They are all man made. Most people in the Abrahamic religions believe they must convert. Christians sent missionaries to convert all the natives of the various colonies. Muslims believe it is their duty to convert everyone to Islam. There are three choices, convert them, kill them, or tax them if they are form the Abrahamic world. No exceptions.
    Many people choose to be a theist in this troubled world because it brings them some modicum of peace and relief from stress, and freedom from a sense of living in an unknowable world. This is fine as long as they keep it in their own hearts and try not to convince everyone else who has chosen to see differently. Let's face it, almost all wars have been based on religious differences during the last centuries. Now the Muslims are against the Christians, just as the Christians were beating back the Muslims during the Crusades. The political implications that arise because of America's relationship with Israel will eventually lead to further wars. It goes on an on. I personally don't have any belief in Gods of any kind, but rather I live my life in awe of this incredible universe, knowing that it is unknowable.
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    The Mayan Calendar,which has been accurate for 16.5 Billion years, ends, in 2012. Scholars differ on the exact date because the Mayan Calendar is hard to predict to make it fit into our Gregorian Calendar, which most of the world and society goes by in modern times. The Calleman/Lundgold end date, is Oct. 28 2011, which i will endorse, because it comes first, and therefore if i'm wrong, i still have another year to look forward to. The second date is the popular one, based on astrolofical information rather than spiritual, it could very well be the correct one also, Dec. 21, 2012. Both dates have significant meaning, and calculations, so it could be either. I do not know if it will be the end of the world, but it could very well be the end of time as we understand it... and the beginning of a new dimention in our consciousness. No one knows what happens after this calendar ends because it is the oldest in existence, and it will end in a few more years.... It's very exciting to me!

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    Hi I think the end times is near.The bible says the second coming is soon.
    But a lot has happened in this world sad that the bad things is there.So when you see that much things it is really soon.God bless you all and he loves every single one of you!
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    The end times are going to be in millions of years when the sun turns into a red giant and swallows the earth. If we die out before then it's on us not an imaginary God. Revelations was written about the time of Nero and Caligula both of their names add up to 666 in the Jewish alpha numeric system. I propose that we stop worrying if this world is going to end tomorrow and start making it better because it isn't.
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    Hi, Yes

    Sighns of time are here!!! But the good new is if you believe the Lord Jesus died for your sins you can be saved by saying the prayer and going to a church that preaches the true word of God.....

    Romans 10. verse 9,10 (The Lord than will right you in the book of Life)

    When he's ready to redeem his people and all of those who are written in the Lambs book of life you and/all family will go...If you believe and your name is written in the Lambs book of life if you pray so will your loved ones......


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    It ain't over till the Fat Lady sings!
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    iamoneinamillion write:
    Some of you are saying there couldn't be a Creator...well, think of it this way...if you took a watch apart and put all the pieces on a table, laid them long do you think it would take to put the watch back together if no one touched it? Uh huh. ???
    Take the universe and all its long do you think it would take for all the pieces to come together to form Earth, etc.? If there has to be a "watch maker" there has to be a "Creator", too. There was no evolution...there is a Creator.

    I think you are oversimplifying and comparing apples and oranges. Perhaps the inner workings of the universe are still complex for us to understand even in these modern times. And to alleve some of the confusion, it was just easier to say "Oh, God made it" and not contemplate it further.

    Now that is not to say that God didn't make all the pieces and set them all in motion to evolve on their own either.

    But in the overall scheme of things, we are just "children" and probably just don't understand... Look at how silly we think the best minds of the day were when they announced that the world was flat. How foolish do you think much of the science and technology we think of as truth today will appear to people several hundred years in the future???