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    A "Your Horoscope Today" column is in many major daily newspapers across the nation. Lots of folks read it. Fewer admit to doing so.

    What's the attraction?

    Are these columns anything close to accurate or predictive?

    Why is it that different columnists write different daily horoscopes? After all, today is today, whether one is in Portland, Maine or Portland, Washington. For that matter, why do different astrologers give different interpretations of the same chart?

    The daily columns are "sun-sign astrology" -- a subset of "full" astrology (my term) as arithmetic is a subset of mathematics. Folks who have not studied astrology are often unaware that the horoscope columns are extremely limited, since they ignore the other nine planets in "full" astrology... as well as many other complexities.

    I expect that some responders will want to discuss the various forms of astrology (Vedic, Chinese, Chiron's moons, etc), and I hope that another thread will be opened to do so.
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    Yes Astrology is predictive.  I've been giving Astrology readings for 25 years.  The reason I'm on this site is because my chart says a new love is entering my life very soon.  Perhaps I will find him here.  Astrology doesn't say WHERE I'll find him...only that he's on his way.
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    Hello Natali you tell this is your hobby do you make some prediction for somedody or just for you a ++++
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    The horoscope section is like doing a general search for a spacific item,All sign types carry certain characteristics,but there is much more. The house,sign, planet placement in the natal chart,and interaction between the three are individual deciding factors. Many astrologers recognize some of the moons of the outer planets as factors in a chart. To look at the present and future,transits,and progressions are used. Keep in mind that astrology deals with balences,so it would be impossible to properly address say,every Aries with acuracy in 15 words or less. Astrology has become more finite in many areas including future aspects.
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    Fascinating, I'm only familiar with "full" astrology and to a limited extent the chinese system.

    I've not come across the other variations in any detail. Could you describe the others, or advise me on good source material.