Does my income matter to find a rich girl? Lifestyle

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    No I am not rich. Now I just made most of you leave,lol. I do not know what it is like to be rich. I have worked hard since I was 16. I have worked for people like yourselves. I want to live the good life. I am happy right now, because I have the most precious thing in my life, my son. Yes I am a single daddy, now the rest of you left,lol. I make diesel engines for Cummins Inc. Ill a dirty job, I can't write to him,lol. See I am Honest! Well if you are still here reading this, then you look at me as a human. Then you are the ones that I want to be my friends. I am also looking for a girlfriend.
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    Do you really believe that about all women?
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    not really true i had some rich girlfriends and they settled down with regular guys. Some are happy some not.It depends on your personality and who you are.
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    Girls don't want to get used for money.
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    *pats Charles on the back*

    Women aren't interested in you here, or so it seems.

    There are only a handful of rich women here and those handful are looking for the other handful of rich men who come here.
    It's their way of securing their investment: Themselves.

    2 six figure incomes. Do the math.
    Don't take it too hard there, Charlie.
    This is not meant to burn you, but open your eyes a bit.

    What rich woman would want a single father who works on engines as someone else's wage slave? I think they'd be more interested in your boss than they would be you.

    As sexist as this sounds, I'll hold true to this statement for as long as I am not proven wrong.

    All women are shallow.
    Forget the stories you were told as a child about a fairy tale princess.
    Forget about all of the morals.
    Forget about all of the women you read about in children's books.

    She isn't real. She only exists in the hearts and minds of those who have been wounded by the women who only seek to get ahead.

    The only comfort someone like you and myself share is knowing that perhaps we might be too good for them.
    Women prefer a man that they could manipulate so it could save them on doing the dirty work themselves.

    Keep looking and keep hoping. It's all one can do.