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    Do you believe in reincarnation ?
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    Absolutley I do! I believe that there are many things the multiverse has yet to teach us. For example, it's not a universe and our's is certainly not the only solar system that exists and did we know that 25 years ago? Do I believe that I have all the answers, absolutely not. Do I believe that anyone does, absolutely not. I think spirituality is much like art in that everyone has their own tastes and each person will interpret it differently and none are right or wrong, just a little different

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    when we think of the "Conservation of Energy", it is said that it changes it's form but is never lost. So it goes for the spirit energy also. The time between our death and rebirth is a journey through the karmas we have lived and the lessons learned. We choose the new parents through these experiences. A matter of gaining a more devine existence

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  • View author's info Posted on Jan 01, 2014 at 10:55 AM

    • Yes, I believe in reincarnation and i also believe that this is a world of various tests, in which we have to learn to develop.

  • View author's info Posted on Aug 19, 2013 at 05:34 PM

    Yes.  I've been delving deeply into Near Death Experiences and studying reports of reincarnation from children too young to have read or seen anything that might be tainting their recollections.  By the way, the numbers (based on population and deaths) don't add up only if you think of this planet as the only place where souls can choose to incarnate. According to Michou Kaku, the physicist, there are at least 100 billion stars in our galaxy alone and perhaps as many planets, a significant number of which could be earth-like.  Who's to say that souls (life force, energy - whatever you want to call them) from other worlds or dimensions don't incarnate here and vice versa.  Once the soul leaves our current physical bodies, they are not bound by time and space as we are. 


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    The numbers don't add up for reincarnation.  There are approximately 100 billion dead people and only 6.5 billion people alive.  Not everybody can reincarnate into the present and it is doubtful 94 billion achieved true happiness to stop reincarnation.  So, no I don't believe in it based on numbers alone.
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    Hi.  I have this idea that our soul is on a journey.  There are different levels to this journey like demensions.  We go thru many.  Maybe the Earth itself is the only HELL and if you don't get it as right as possible you have to go to a have a do over.  Maybe we do come back or go to a worse level or better level.  Choice is ours.  How right do we want to live the first time?  reincarnation is like carma.
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    I think it is a strong possibility. I have read about encounters in which children come in with scars and have recollections in which they are able to tell how these happened and they are verifiable historically or how children speak languages never taught to them in their current life and their stories are tracked down and verified.
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         Yes I believe in reincarnation.  I take photo's of my face, and other faces come out, males,females, young, old, teenagers, children, and other nationalities.
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    I believe in reincarnation too
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    Curious what your last life memories were. Debbie
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    If you think of the concept of reincarnation as an aspect of the persent (what you say and do right now) that eventually compounds into the past you can then being to see yourself as reincarnated, just in this portion of your lifetime, moving to a completion of Self. And that is to say,whatever may have happened in the past years and years and still more years ago happened as a result of actions (be they cause or reaction) that occurred some persent time ago.
    Further, comtemplate the notion of experiences. How do they play into the concept of reincarnation as well as lessons to learn from an experience, once you realize your in one. In every experience there is something that keeps you anchored there, perhaps more than one thing, which could tie into fears that hold you back from growing beyond the point you keep reincarnating to. Thus, if you check yourself along various lines then you may see that you are holding on to an archaic belief system, behavior or both. You can't evolve. And species evolve as that adapt to changes brought in by those who strive to evolve. I am sure you can think of things brought in by those who have stretch beyond to bring into exsistence products or tools to help you espeacially if your reading this from a computer monitor.
    I believe reincarnation as a snag in the evolution of one's growth to becoming Self unconstrained by the boundaries of the concept of time.
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    I believe in reincarnation as im reincarnated myself and remember my past life and death vividly

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  • View author's info Posted on Aug 04, 2010 at 01:16 PM

    Yes, I do. I believe everyone must come back over and over to learn. I would talk more about it, but I am too tired right now to bother.