why is hard for blackmen men to get a white women? Interracial Relationship

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    i juat dont understand
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    You gotta apply the 80/20 rule in dating.  When it comes to physical attraction.  The top 20 percent of men,  attract 80 percent of the women.  I haven’t looked at your profile.  But get fit,  update your style/hair cut. That sort of thing.  The closer you get to that top 20 percent.  The women will reach out to you.

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    This is a load of crap!!!! and sum of the advice you guys are giving this guy is crap also. Listen man Most of these attractive white ladies you are messaging are getting dozens of messages every day,From people of all races just being black is not a pass if you think like this you may as well delete your profile now. Now heres the good a lot of those messages that said attractive women are recieving are coming from people who really dont have much to say if you are honest and exciting and diffrent by diffrent im not meaning black that gives you a leg up because most women want a companion thats going to be real with them no matter what, is that you? The bad to say that racism doesnt exist is like saying water is not wet. the biggest problem with is the woman may be attracted to you but her family friends and bosses or boss  all play major roles in her life too. you may be the perfect man but society is fucked up, and  there goes another rung gone on your ladder to the specific woman you are looking for. To sum this all up stop looking at people in terms of color and look at people as people and maybe someone will return the favor peace,  Bayboi

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    Interesting! I never knew "Black" men or any race of men to have a hard time dating a white woman. I don't think it's the race at all so there is your first mistake right there. It's not the race of man nor the race of woman it's all character and how that person sales themselves. If you lack socialism then yes it will be difficult. Yet here it is for all men and women so I don't waste a lot of time here.

    Its not your race what so ever so lets just get that out of the way. Plain and simple as blunt as I can be. A lot of time we desire unatainable men/women. We are all more attracted to something that we are not use to. We want the perfect beauty in what ever gender you are interested in. Women say I want a tall dark and handsome. That whole perception is wrong because they will search life looking and even when having them still end up leaving or being alone. Nothing wrong with a average height guy ladies. Guys all want the fit bombshell. Problem is they don't look like that always, it may cost you a lot of money to keep them that way, you may realize after obtaining her that you are insecure because guys always hit on her, and when you run out of money she runs out of interest. We have all seen these situations before. You are not going to get a hot chic if you are a fatty, and ladies you want get a hot guy if you are a fatty. I'm not being mean just saying how the world sees things. I'm not calling everyone fatty either I'm just giving a blunt example. People really don't care about love anymore as they use to because lust is so convienent now with all the social sites allowing you to bang a barbie and not have to worry about calling her anymore. It's levels to this life now. You have a way to excite, keep safe, and make a woman laugh then you are set. Don't and you are doomed pulling what your momma gave you in front of a porn hub selection. Has nothing to do with race....Although white women have some good ummm.

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    I do not know if it is difficult to date white women. If you are a fake black person it's a big problem... If you are a real black person with character, education and good looks your chances are more open to attracting many white women. If you are well organized you will always have women of any race. Women in general usually have one particular thing or more that attracts them to men; it might be their voice, gesture, looks, wealth, creativity, smell eyes, children, social or family background, race skills and more.

    But one thing I have realized personally is that white women drive up to me all the time and say "OMG! your hair looks so beautiful is that your real hair?"  Some who come close will ask me "Can I touch it?" most white women cannot resist clean dreaded black men who are educated and gentle. Now if you have a beautiful soft dark shinny skin with no fat in it and strong facial features you are in for a ride always.

    The first job I had in New York as an artist was to model for artists. This white lady met me in the subway when I just arrived in the US (still really African looking.) She came up to me and said “where are you from” I said “Africa” and while we were conversing she gave me her card and asked me to call her. She later on gave me a modeling job and that’s when I got to learn how hot some black looks are to white women: Which is a very positive thing. What blacks do not know is that white women have a soft spot for them but they get turned off by some nasty attitudes.

    But this appearance thing bothers me because it distracts people from the real thing... "LOVE" Love has got really nothing to do with looks. Looks are very deceptive. You will hardly have a good relationship through looks and materialism. Keep going for looks and you are in for long difficult ride. You will get the look you want but the price is not worth it. I despise women who go after my looks because they are carnal sex predators. I have been victimized.

    The more you dig into my spirituality, my hobby, career, family history and my past you get me hook up fast. Because I know you are going for those things that make relationship to matter and last. If you talk about my looks I do not really pay attention that is why now I try to be as ugly as possible in my pictures. If looks are what you want then, good luck.

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    Wrong question!!!
    But anyway....based on the poor description of your profile it will be hard to get the attention of any race/ color (pink, green, peach, polka dots, etc).
    Come on..step up and be more creative (or sincere)..write down a profile that makes all the rainbowl interested to know more about you!

    BTW  for your wrong question..the answer is self-promotion! Marketing your self better..may help!

    Good luck!
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    as long you love the other person it will happen!
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    Colour is of no importance if the man is sophisticated and good looking :)
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    There are many black who date or marry white women. I think this is just your personal issue for whatever reason.
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    are you i am!!!! i only will date black men... alll black men i see r with white women...where do you live??

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    I wasn't aware that it was difficult? My preference in dating are men of color. I find them more intense in their lovemaking...and kissing oh my!
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    Maybe change the name "drmac". I am an African American female, I wouldn't consider someone with the name "drmac". Unless "Dr." is your profession and "Mac" is your birth name,
    the term sound like an old want to be "PLAYER".  You can get a woman,any man can, however,  you just can't get woman of "CLASS" . Change your approach.
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    I am guessing it depends on where you live or where you go in your area. It's not hard out West for black men to find white women willing to date them. It's not hard at all, because there are times when it surprises me to see a black couple. I can't imagine it being an overflow of interracial couples in the Deep South or Midwest but anything is possible. Maybe, you should hang around military bases, travel around New England, or anywhere out West.
    You might also want to try out new hobbies or go to places where the women you want to attract are going to be on any given day.
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    Actually, the statistics via the US Census show that Black men and Asian women are the most likely to marry outside their race.  The least likely to marry outside their race are Black women and Asian men.  By the way, Virginia, North Carolina and Kansas are the most likely to have black/white marriages.   Interesting.
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    So true!!!!!!!, it is all about social class. I see many black men with white females, however
    you don't see many black men with sophisticated white women.
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    A lack of self confidence. Outdated social conditioning.
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    An educated woman - perhaps more worldly or well travelled - is more likely to be color-blind in my experience. But that woman will also only be attracted to a man who is her equal in education and life.
    I grew up on the East Coast where black and white mixed just fine - Education and economic status was a greater division than color.