How black men differ from white men (outside the obvious) Interracial Relationship

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    So let's be clear on this.  Does this mean no white men need apply?


    You will be surprised - White men is definitely listed to apply on her profile....I am not sure why that is, since they are supposed to be so boring.

    Frankly, I am at the other end of the spectrum - I don't at all think that White men are boring, not at all.

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    I'm not entirely sure how to respond to this other than to be very naive In MY thought process. Other than the obvious as you rightfully stated, know that we ALL have idiosyncrasies that define our individuality. With that being said.. none of what you pointed out is specific to the color of our skin. That is moreso a personal experience, your personal experience.
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    Wow- how negative is this.. Sounds to me like you're trying to get white men to date you by baiting them with the same ole sterotypes. Swag and confidence have nothing to do with skin color. Take it from a Black woman, a Black man will do a little extra for a white girl because he knows he's representing for the few Black men you've been with...That's all. Please don't get confused. There's pretentious Black guys out there trust me. If you're with one and he talks about why he prefers you over a Black woman let that be a sign right there.. I've been treated like a queen by White men and there was nothing boring about the few I've dated even the conservatives..haha :-). Perhaps they were on there best behavior because I was different...hmm
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    Black men have more confidence and will talk to the ladies, how can we resist their charm? White men have no swagger. 
    Black men approach women when they see something they like, white men seem to wait for the women to come to them. 
    Black men are way more fun in bed. White men bore me. 
    A black man's skin is beautiful. 
    White men are so worried about what society will think of what is next to them, black men seem to be able to ignore the pretentious and go on about their business. 
    Black men have a way of making a woman feel like a woman, both in and out of the bedroom.

    I love this kind of post. Seriously, they absolutely crack me up !!   LOL Thanks for making me smile.
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    So let's be clear on this.  Does this mean no white men need apply?