How black men differ from white men (outside the obvious) Interracial Relationship

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    We all have a preference. I like that white men are more reserved. I like black men too but they don’t give me a chance to show interest in them. And I like to choose my men cause any man could be anybody.

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    Thank you for the comparison. It has opened my eyes to our differences which I cherish.

    'Different tunes for different folks'.  I am West African oblivious to the world of segregation from an oil-rich country dominated by Chevron, Mobil, Shell. So there's a whole world of integration here as these companies explore our resources. We treat them well with domestic staff including gardeners, chauffeurs, housekeepers, cooks, and stewards which are the benefits of our middle-class society reserved for the wealthy in the United States.

    So there is a lot of inter-racial relationships going on here with acceptance. Though I have never dated a white man here in my country because I have always been pursued by my own race who are more assertive.

    In one of my trips to the US, I met this white noble gentleman by divine orchestration at a conference where we were paired together and it culminated into the most fairy tale romance you can ever imagine.

    It lasted for a year but its effects changed my life forever. The cultural differences between races are so diverse. Neither is more superior than the other but what the Spirit is comfortable with. So it has been very difficult going back to my own race as I prefer the tenderness of the whites, especially in the bedroom.

    What matters most irrespective of color is what our spirit is most comfortable with via the content of the person. You vibrate well with negroes even though you are white and I find my real expression in the white community regardless of my honey skin.

     I wish you the manifest of your dreams as you shop for love in this huge mall of diverse interests.


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    White Men have higher standards..  Sorry about your luck. 

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    I do think black men are more fearless in their approach.  You don’t have to be at a bar to ask a woman out.  Life happens all around you. I never even dwell on rejection.  You can’t get what you want,  if you don’t ask.

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    Then be the man :)

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    Amen!  I dated a man that was half italian and irish.  He was so passionate on the down side, he was also very possessive and had a temper.  Maybe that was the irish side.  Lol!  Still got love for him to this day but he is definitely not the one.  :(

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    WOW this young man (Pthlesstrvld) has gotten it what is wrong with the rest of those who are still lost. I truly believe its the 21st century and it is time for us of the free world (America) and free mind to lead by example that color has no importance. It only matters to those that are stuck in the Jim Crow era and still believe in stereotyping.


    I believe the late great Richard Pryor said it best "there is no difference between black and white women I've dated both, Yes I have!"


    I have read black men do this and white men do this. To set the record straight men (real "men") no matter what color we are want to give love and recieve love. There is no race of men that are better than any other race of men at being a husband, father, or lover on this planet. I see an attractive women or male she or he is attractive because of there beauty not there color. I have seen women and men from every shade and it was not the shade of them that made them beautiful.


    Its the 21st Century

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    Thats because you have not had an Italian man,we are great romantics and great lovers
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    You are one fine looking black woman. How do black men approach you? Compared to whtie men?
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    Most black men aren't married. Most white men are married. To me I think there is a time and place for things. A white woman wearing a wedding band you meet her in the grocery store there should be no coming on to them. That's what rings are for. Plus it's not a bar.
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    I've been to Europe and the men don't yell at the beautiful girls. I have never seen the men say bad things to the women. Not on the buses or walking down the street. I have seen men hit on every woman. I don't know if a decent woman would be turned on by a guy yelling at them. I mean if you're sitting in a bar and you see a guy going around hitting on every girl and if you were decent it should turn you off. I know guys hit on every single woman and they will get something sooner or later. But it's usually low class. But you look like you're white male bashing.
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    Quoting author:

    Yes Liv, that is surprising to know.  I did intend my question to be tongue in cheek.

    I try to be equal opportunity and take every person as an individual as you seem to also do.


    Thanks dearie! You got that right about taking the individuals on their merits. I got your tongue in cheek bit...but you know I just sometimes like to mull things over a bit and dissect differing view points. Good fun, this post and the responses.

    I actually like her view point because it is so opposite to mine. It's brilliant how different we all are. Diversity is a beautiful thing.

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    I agree completely to your thoughts. White men don't get it, A black man will get down and do whatever it takes to make you feel like the only women in the world. Black men think of what they can do for you to satisfy you. White men think of what you can do for them to satisfy them. And as good men know....whatever you give to a woman, she will return to you.
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    black, white, red, whatever...............Chemistry is a powerful can not hide from that. 
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    The woman has stated her preference. Great. There's a lid for every pot.
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    Quoting author:

    Black men have more confidence and will talk to the ladies, how can we resist their charm? White men have no swagger. 
    Black men approach women when they see something they like, white men seem to wait for the women to come to them. 
    Black men are way more fun in bed. White men bore me. 
    A black man's skin is beautiful. 
    White men are so worried about what society will think of what is next to them, black men seem to be able to ignore the pretentious and go on about their business. 
    Black men have a way of making a woman feel like a woman, both in and out of the bedroom.

    Oh MY-- 

    Hi NGL, LIV, JEN, STORM-- (and all you others who have each posted very good responses to such underlying remarks regarding "the white man.") I've never perused this section of the forums before.. Nice to see you guys! :) 


    Although I don't like to "categorize" individuals or races etc... Best wishes in finding your "black man" who loves country music, wants to learn 2-step, (as well as ballroom dance,) and owns a motorcycle! I'm in advertising, so I review profiles before I respond to an author in order to grant insight to who I am speaking to. 

    As I said, I dislike categorizing people; but, after viewing your profile and your wants, thought I should send some luck your way. Black men are not known for their love of country music or motorcycles. Not saying there aren't any "country bumpkin black men,".. LOL..  but your selection is minimized by your interest.

    However, I feel the most difficult thing you will be facing is your attitude and how you convey yourself to others regardless of color. I very much agree with the ne lady who said, "Be wary of the black man who puts black women down."  Kind of iterates what the one person said about whether or not you wre looking for a date here.. LOL.. 

    Oh NGL... It takes all kinds, doesn't it? 

    NOEX---- You don't do the "black man" any favors or compliment their "race" by putting down another. 

    WELCOME to the blogs all the newbies here! I'm Hope!  Never looked at the inter-racial blogs before.
    WOW! What did I step into? ;) 
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    Theres only 1 race and thats the human race.
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    When it gets down to it, they are the same in many ways. Comparing one over another is enforcing stereotypes of racial groups like the myth that all black men are hung like horses. Men are men. Put a group of alpha males in the same room and race will go out the door since they all will try to prove that they have the biggest ego. The conversation about the toilet seat being up pertain to any man. The conversation about watching sports religiously ever weekend has no color. I could go on and on about things that all men do.
    I'm just saying, because I've dated both, and ultimately the differences were decided by how the man was raised by their parents and from the experiences they encountered in life. I even dated a white guy who had actually done a little time in jail that wasn't for embezzlement or tax evasion. Go figure not ever stereotype is true, huh!
    If you find a man boring then stop going to boring places to meet them and stop letting the boring people you know introduce you to some great guy they think you would hit it off with.
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    Quoting author:


    You will be surprised - White men is definitely listed to apply on her profile....I am not sure why that is, since they are supposed to be so boring.

    Frankly, I am at the other end of the spectrum - I don't at all think that White men are boring, not at all.


    Yes Liv, that is surprising to know.  I did intend my question to be tongue in cheek.

    I try to be equal opportunity and take every person as an individual as you seem to also do.