Established Caucasian Men Looking for Beautiful Black Women Interracial Relationship

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    I'd just like to narrow down the search for many by starting this forum in hopes to seek out men who have an interest in black women...not just the "minority" woman which tends to be very vague.  So, I'm being VERY specific.  :)

    I like men of all races, but have found better relationships with white men.  So, let's get this forum started.
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    Damn my stupid blue eyes.

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    I just joined this site this week seen a few handsome men, am not premium yet. I've commented on pictures but no repond yet.

    If this site is for millionare why are some men status saying less that 200,000 smh.

    Am looking for a partner that's right me. Hopefully I can here fingers crossed.

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    I feel as though some things are old and some are new.  Established white  men do not care what or who people think about them dating. More white men are seeking women of color because they want a partner and they want to enjoy life and their family and not work all the time.  Black women are beautiful and shapely that's all make up and if not master would not have taken up with us that's the old and new.   Black women are the guardian of the culture.  We take pride in our men of color because they were belittle even unto this day. But now women of color sees that's there is no color and only just men and is seeking love how she should be and is over the fact master use to rape me over and over.  The men of color has put that to the side of culture difference and now women of color is saying am here and I love who I am and I deserve to be love no matter what your skin color is.  Love is love ask me.

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    I’m not a woman but I have some input.  I’ve dated almost all races of women.  I’ve found that if you get someone that only dates black people,  a lot of the time you get the fetish type people.  You’ll do better dating a white man that usually dates white women.  But you’ll have to work harder.  I’ve dated a lot of white women,  that were very sought after by white men.  You’ll have to step your game up to the next level.  Fitness is very key.  Our women are very beautiful,  just maximize it,  work on your fitness.  Also you might have to start the dialogue,  some white men won’t hit on you,  because he feels like he doesn’t know what to say,  or never considered dating a woman of color,  not because he is not attracted.

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    At this age and stage of my life, I am looking for a stable, honest man who wants a friendship that leads to long term love. Color may play a role for the rest of the world, but not within my relationship. Forget the opinions of the world. 

    I am employed, educated, attractive, and articulate. I have married and dated within my race--- so far, not such good results. 

    Anybody seeking good conversations, fun, peace, happiness and is God-fearing is the guy I am seeking.  


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    I am black I may not have the color but, I'm black and I consider myself beautiful and I'd very much like to know if anyone is interested in interracial dating.

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    I would like to know the white man that is attracted me. 

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    I don't think that is true at all. If a man is interested in you and loves you he will have no shame. For me I am BBW so I know that with time I will meet the right man who love my thickness lol.

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    Guess we all have something in common. I'm absolutely looking forward to meeting my ideal white guy with green eyes.

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    I love all people, and coming from a pretty diverse family, I find that overall people are people. I am attracted to certain facial features so that's why I am here. :) Good luck to all.

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    I  am a dark skinned sistah' and I choose to date white men.

    We seem to have more in common.

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    A lot of them are scared to date, and marry a black women.  Due to the nature of there work, there family, and what everyone would think about them dating outside there race.


     You have some that will date a black women, but never would marry one.  As far as passing on there DNA, they rather date a white women to get there dna in the same bloodline as far as color goes.  

    If, you are lucky... you can find the perfect white man that will date you, and truly  love you for you.  


    Nothing will matter but the love he has for you.  I wish you ladies the best of luck.  I only date white guys as well.  A long time ago, I use to date brothers.  I can't help but to date what I like.  

    You live once, so love & follow your heart and your DREAMS!  <3


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    I concur. However looking throught the profile,  very FEW men are open to black women. Some will go as far as to make all the selections other than a black woman.