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    I'm unfortunately stuck in a wheel chair at the moment, I'm learning how to walk again... I'm also a left side hemiplegic (paralyzed kinda for now but, in PT) and have a speech impediment too... I'm pretty much the same person I was, but, I'm very lonely... even though, I'm soon to be rich from my malpractice case,...why do women still act so shallow and want to date 'normal' guys they pick up in bars etc?
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    hi I was just surfing the net looking for information on hemiplegia and Icame upon this site Iam also paralyzed on the left with leftsided blindness Iam grateful my rightside did not get paralyzed since that was my strong side I know what you mean about being lonely It's worse about 3pm to 4 no one is home to call to talk to they are all busy with their own lives I try to go to sleep as soon as possible in the evening Ifeel when you're sleeping is the best you don't feel the pain the depression or the lonliness and in my dreams I can walk and move both arms Now i'm not saying sleep the rest of you're life away just cause that's what I'm trying to do Ido get out of my hospital bedeveryday to take care of my animals Good thing I have a family member with me to keep things under control Or Iwould be on that show hoarders with a bunch of parrots traveling around with me on my wheelchair
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    Not all women are shallow. The wheelchair does not scare me away. I give everyone a chance. What I am looking for is not in the chair. Does the chair have feelings and emotions?? I think not! It's the man sitting in the chair. :-)
    I understand more than you know.
    Good luck sweetie.