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    Hey everyone, hope you are doing great. I've had back pain and most recently high cholesterol. My doc told me to try a product with high anti-oxidants as that would help with the cholesterol as well as help with the aging of my skin.

    I found a nutritional beverage called Mona Vie which has the acai berry as its main ingredient. The acai berry has the highest anti-oxidant score of any known food.

    Mona Vie also has glucosamine which is incredible for inflammation and back and joint pain.

    I've been using this product for 2 months and have dropped my cholesterol by 5 points and my back pain is gone. I know what you are thinking that this is some elixir, but it really works.

    Nicholas Perricone, MD says the acai berry is the number 1 super food in the world. People magazine, the Feb edition, just had a small article on Mona Vie.

    Send me an e-mail and I'll tell you more about it. All my best,

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    Sorry Brain 
    i found this site with these poor people suffering after taking Acai Berry so be careful what works for you won't work for everyone 

    Acai Berry Allergic Reaction 
    by: Wanda

    I also had a horrible reaction to the Acai Berry Pills. I took it for 7 days, and begain to itch severly, then blisters surrounded by swollen red areas started to appear on my left leg, and the skin on my leg felt very tight. The swellen finally went down after about a week, but the blisters have turned to dark red soars, which are still painful to touch, and still itch occassionally. I haven't been anywhere out of the ordinary, and the only change in my diet lately was the inclusion of acai berry pills, so I attribte this rash to an allergic reaction to acai berry. I think we should all visit our physicians for confirmation and treatment.

    Black lips 
    by: Lori

    I bought acai berry by sambazon on the word of a health food store employee. Well it gave me such great energy, I went back and bought more. Needless to say after two days, I broke out in hives on my neck, bottom part of face swollen and my lips have now turned black like I'm wearing purple lipstick. My lips are dry, sometimes flaky and peeling and it looks a mess. I have been taking benadryl but it isn't getting rid of it. I am drinking alot of water to flush it if thats possible and I am using medicated Vaseline to keep the cracking and dryness from hurting. One day all of a sudden I formed cracks in the corners of mouth! Unbelieveable! 

    I am at the end of the third week of this breakout. When does it stop? Please tell people you know everywhere NOT to drink this stuff. It's from Brazil and should have stayed there. It's foreign to some our systems. 

    To everyone that is suffering or has suffered from this, please write back and tell the new people who are affected how long it lasted and what worked...pleeeeeze.

    by: Anonymous

    I started taking the capsules last summer. Had great results. I started developing a rash on my neck and shoulder. I thought it was my new hair spray. I quit using the spray,but still taking the capsules. My eyes feel swollen all the time and my tears aburn the skin on my face. The rash is now on my chest and neck and the small patch on the inside of my elbow. I break out every 5 minutes in hot flashes. My skin is so itch and burns mostly at night. I thought I had shingles. But the Dr.ruled that out,And percribed steriods and and dermatitis cream. the steroids cleared it up. But not knowing,I took the pills. After being miserable all day today,I got to thinking,,and low and behold,,It has to be The ACAI..Im so happy I found out Im not the only one. I stopped the pills and hopefully I'll get back to normal..a few recommendations, I got Psoriasin,its for pssoriaisis,and Sarno cream,,its a little pricey,but they work wonders for the itch..Give them a whirl. Good Luck 

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    Excuse me, I am ignorant, which means (The Acai Berry)
    Disculpeme, yo soy ignorante, que quiere decir (The Acai Berry)

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    Hello, hoping you feel better.

    Listen I love acai, I drink it as a shake almost everyday. But let me tell you that I know a product from USANA Health Sciences that has 16,320 ORAC per serving and do you want to know how many ORAC per serving Mona Vie has? 660
    ORAC: Oxigen Radical Absorbance Capacity. Do you want antioxidants? Get Ten X Blast from USANA. Wish you the best.
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    there are several very good healthy juices. I have seen many folks have great results from drinking different juices. Not all of them provide healthy results. I would like to mention several web sites but that appears to be a no no. Anti-oxidants are not the fix all for cholesterol. I know of an anti oxidant much better than all of the juice products
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    That is ironice that u mentioned Mona Vie. I became familiar with it over a year ago!
    I love it and believe in it 100%. :)
    Best wishes to you!

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    I'm a distributer too and its good stuff because it helps the body heal itself. Drugs only hides the problem not correct it.

    Lets not for get the power of collodial silver, worlds best and unknown antibiotic, available at your local health food store.
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    I am not a expert on Muscadine,although I have a high school and college classmate that grows them. I have eaten his fresh off the vine and they are great. I may not see him for a long time, but I will ask about the variety that he grows when I do. His vines look just like a typical grape vineyard.
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    There is a great article on Resveratrol on
    Wikipedia. Muscadine grapes have the highest concentration, by far.

    And don't forget that lots of Vit C is necessary for healthy cells, including heart.
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    Hi Brian,

    If you are really into Mona should chat with my neighbor who sells the stuff. It tastes pretty good...but you shouldn't only rely on that product for your health (reducing cholesterol and anti-aging effects). I suggest you also look into taking CoQ10, L-Carnatine, Fish Oil and D-Ribose. That combination will help keep your heart healthy (among other things). The Fish Oil (Omega 3) will help your cholesterol too. You can try taking Niacin (B-3) to also lower you cholesterol without taking a Statin (drug) but you need to be aware of the niacin flush that many people experience. If you have never had a Niacin flush you will think you are having an allergic reaction...but it goes away quickly and just look like you got a bad sunburn and feel a hot or even itchy flush all over your body soon after taking it. But your body will develop a tolerance to the Niacine and you won't flush as often once you are used to it. it's safer than taking drugs and will definitley help lower that cholesterol.

    Good luck with you Mona Vie. I think it is funny how they market it in a wine bottle (it kind of makes it look more appetizing). Oh...and speaking of wine...drinking 4 to 8 ounces per day of dry red wine is good for your heart too (it is the flavanoids...or resveratrol in the grape seeds and skins).