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    Can the more mature women out here please comment on their experiences with menopause? And menopause with weight gain and what they do to combat it?
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    Happy new year beautiful girls, talking about, as a young single male I believe menopause business is in your mind, you do not need a doctor to manage your brain, your brain have the power to cure that, try it you will be short, the brain is there to solve some problem that we can not solve.

    I am not talking about meditation all you need is believe in you and be sure that you have menopause. 

    I am going to give an example of how the brain works sometime.

    In 2004 I got into a terrible accident both my legs were paralysed I spent nine month in the wheelchair an one day around ONE AM in the middle of the night three doctors came to me and started giving me a bad news which was " MR, WE ARE HERE TO TELL YOU THAT WE TRY EVERYTHING TO HELP YOU BUT IT IS NOT WORKING AND THE ONLY SOLUTION IS TO AMPUTATE BOTH MY LEGS " when I look at their faces I knew the wanted to cut my legs to go and sell them. So I look into their again for about 30 minutes and I ask for a cup of black coffee.

    And after the coffee I pickup my phone right-away the ask what I want to do with the phone in the middle of the night  my answer was I am calling the police to report them for trying to steal my legs, you know the did, the get out of the room at speed of light, since I haven't see them, the good news is I focus on me believing that my legs belong with the original owner, today, I still have legs except the right one still hurting. SEE, the brain, the brain, the brain is so powerful.

    Just talk to your brain tomorrow you could have a beautiful boy or girl, remember this is not a prediction, advice, I'm just talking to all of you beautiful women because I care....

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    Women have menopause because most them stop for so long having intimacy, here is the real solution for menopause, make love everyday and make sure you enjoy it, forget everything about menopause, you will see positive result and of course you can even have a baby if you don't have one.

    By the way, as a singtle male, African, I am more interested in menopause women and I am looking for one.

    If any of have menopause and want a child, drop me some lines.


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    Thanks for the suggestions RR..Good advice.
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    I feel my toes over the edge of my comfort level, but oh okay..
    I'm in the minority - but fortunate from my perspective - who started pausing at 41 and completely stopped at 43. This was great from my viewpoint. I watched my mother go on for what seemed like forever. It did, however, make my BF at the time crazy.He was making me take pregnancy tests every couple of months! Mostly, I am very happy to be where I am.I didn't intend to have more children, I don't have to have feminine products on hand all the time to name a few.

    I am also very lucky that, again unlike my mother, my 'flashes' are more like watching a thermometer rise - one starts from somewhere inside, goes up my neck and pretty soon my face is so red it looks like I could implode (so I've been told). Embarrasing, but still better than dripping sweat anyday.A couple guys I work with asked me about it one day so I told them all about them! lol..One day, before having to make a presentation to some execs, talking with my manager about it, he says, 'Teri, you always do a great job at presentations, and you always dress appropriately. Just don't wear red, cuz if you have "one of those things", no one will be able to tell where your blouse ends and your neck begins." roflmao

    The weight gain is real. It seems no matter what I do, it just doesn't come off. I fear I will never see my preferred size 8 again. But I keep trying. I could do more there I guess.

    So all that said, here's my advice:
    1) Reduce sugar
    2) Reduce caffeine
    3) Increase calcium
    4) Reduce stress
    5) Exercise daily

    I have found when my sugar and/or caffeine intake is up, then the flashes are worse. Anything you do to reduce stress will help the flashes as well. We women always need calcium, but more is important in this stage of life.The pills are gigantic!I eat the chewables. 20-30 mins a day exercise doesn't seem to help tremendously, but I do it anyway. God knows what I'd be without it! But it also reduces stress.
    Good luck!
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    Well darn...can you both repost?
    RapturousRed write:
    Hmmmm, very interesting....both myself and beautynbrains posted comments for you yesterday and today they're both gone!

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    Hmmmm, very interesting....both myself and beautynbrains posted comments for you yesterday and today they're both gone!