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    Hey, thought I'd start one. Who wants to go first?
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    I was looking for a way to get more vegetables in my diet. Fruit was so easy, and so were nuts. I found Daily Harvest, and love it so far. Organic, and I eat things I would never have the time and energy to put together myself. Save time, and it's convenient.

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    thegoodlife2005 write:
    Hey, thought I'd start one. Who wants to go first?

    OK, I'll bite.
    I wouldn't describe myself as a "health nut" but after a year of inactivity due to a broken leg, 3rd knee operation (soccer injury), badly sprained wrist (catching a bottle of red someone knocked off the bar... it was worth it), loss of balance (SSHL in one ear), and a broken finger (so what? I hear you say, but YOU try swinging a golf club with a broken finger!!)... I am finally on the road to getting back in shape, working out and playing golf again. And I'm a "water baby", I love to be in the pool. I also go for long walks on the beach... its only 150 metres away.
    So, for what they're worth, here are my personal views on health.

    Firstly, ALCOHOL.
    Since I retired here I've always tried to have 3 days a week without alcohol... socialising here can take its toll, and I believe alcohol to be the biggest culprit in scuppering any "healthy lifestyle" plan.

    Secondly, STRESS.
    A real killer, literally. I'm lucky enough to be retired young. Many people with money spend their lives trying to make more and more, and seem to bring stress to themselves doing it. I'm not super rich, but I decided I could live a very good life on what I have, without the responsibility of companies to run, meetings I don't want to go to etc. So, I don't have to get up and go to work in the morning. If I feel like doing something, I do it. If I feel like doing nothing, I do that too. I have removed stress from my life... and I realise I am very, very lucky to be able to do that.

    Thirdly, SMOKING.
    If you want to kill yourself, go ahead, though I wish you wouldn't. I personally have never smoked... anything..., though I do regularly hang out in (unfortunately) smoke filled environments... things are about to improve on that front here next year.

    There's a wonderful new gym and spa just opened ten minutes away in the port and I workout there at least 4 times a week now... 45 minutes cardio, 45+ minutes weights, then into the spa pool/hammam/hydrobath etc... I'm working my way through the treatments. After this its usually straight downstairs to the Sushi Bar. I'm eating healthy at home too, without being obsessive about it... because of my exercise regime I have a reasonably high protein diet (30% or more), lean beef, chicken, fresh fish, shellfish, with fresh vegatables, brown rice, pasta, wholewheat bread, baked potatoes, etc. I don't weigh any portions, just use a handful of this, 2 of that... Its easy, 30% protein means a third of my plate is meat or fish of some kind. Variety is the key.
    I'm currently supplementing with Gluosamine, MSM, high potency Ginkgo, HGH with antler velvet, multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, digestive enzyme, and post-workout protein drink. I don't inject anything.

    So, what does this do for me?
    I have alot of energy... I only sleep 4-6 hours in 24 (apart from the traditional siesta of course), so I go out alot and have fun :)
    I feel great... I have not been to see my GP for more than 4 years. Previous to my last visit to the dentist I had not been for 21 years... and all I needed was a clean.
    My daughters (19 and 21) call me "old man"... I tell them they can call me old when they can beat me in a race over any distance from 100 to 10,000 metres... on land or water... they haven't taken up the challenge.
    Most of my friends tend to be at least 10 years or so younger than me... most of those around my age don't seem to be, nor want to be so active, with a few exceptions.

    It works for me and thats what counts. I smile alot. If you don't catch me at the gym this afternoon, I'll see you in Matto's tonight around 2am.